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Month: May, 2010

They Painted The Town Red


Models: Ieva Laguna (muse), Tony Ward (eccentric artist/painter)
Magazine: Australian Russh # 34, July 2010
Styled by: Stevie Dance
Photography: Will Davidson

Sins Of The Flesh

Here she is…doing it like only she can: Edita Vilkevicuite. Smoking hott!!! I’m not sure what the crying while groping herself is about (catholic guilt maybe) but I like it!
I tracked this editorial down to complete my Top 10 for the moment. I will be altering the list as new candidates come up! ‘Till then, enjoy!
‘Le Peche’
client: Numero
published: September 2008
Camilla Akrans – Photographer
Edita Vilkeviciute – Model
Franck Benhamou – Fashion Editor/Stylist
Wendy Rowe – Makeup Artist
Ed Moelands – Hair Stylist

To Surf Or Not To Surf

This is the other old favorite that I referenced this morning. I think that for several years it’s been shoots like these, and my need for other people to see them/experience their power, that has nagged at the corners of my mind; sewing the seeds of a blog. I can remember so clearly how the pages of my Vogue wafted open to reveal the rich jewel tone of  this editorial. As if biting into an exquisite truffle, I forced myself to turn each image slowly, savoring the magical mood of a distant and exotic desert oasis; in awe of the flawless enchantress, worshiped by bronzed, gleaming Adonises.  Before my heart came to adore fashion, it loved fairytale… Well, this spread marked a significant marriage of the two for me.

Magazine: Vogue – July 2007 (7-2007) Spain

Model: Linda Vojtova

Photographer: Ralph Wenig

Heavenly Creature

Happy Monday everyone! I always keep my eyes open for newly scanned entries of some of my favorite printed editorials of all time. Today I got lucky and came across two of them! Yippy skippy! I think that in honor of these two outstanding shoots, I am going to start a new ‘Top 10’ category so that the best editorials I have posted can be found really easily. Well, without further adeu…the first of the Top 10!
Magazine: Vogue – July 2007 (7-2007) Spain
Model: Milagros Schmoll
Photographer: James Macari

False Idols

OH MY GOSH!!! This editorial makes me feel like a small child…Giddy and awe-struck all at once. I knew the moment I saw this girls face that she was meant for greatness, but I could never have envisioned such perfection as this. From one shot to the next, I could be heard proclaiming: yes…Yes…YES (as opposed to my regular: Yes!…oh, um….well, so-so…yikes….hm, nice…etc). From beginning to end, I am just blown away. The hair and make-up are sweet perfection, the poses are strong in the right places and soft in the right places, the wardrobe in is dream-like and ethereal, and the location…nothing short of a temple. Ok, I will stop gushing (on here that is…probably not in person). Give yourself 5 minutes today to be transported by this shoot. Take your time. Linger. This caliber of work rarely comes down the pipe…
 Photographer Signe Vilstrup
Magazine: Tush Spring 2010
Model: Bregje Heinen 
Styled: Wiebke Bredehorst
Designers: Versace, D&G, Dior and others

Daria Bares It All For INDUSTRIE (Warning: Full Frontal Nudity)

Can’t wait to find the images of Lara from this shoot! I will add them as soon as I have them. Enjoy!
Magazine: Industrie, June 2010
Model: Daria Werbowy
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

The Things We Lost In The Fire

I would like to start by saying that in my opinion, this model in unhealthily thin. I strive to stay away from images of jetting hip and collar bones on my blog because I personally believe that eating disorders are epidemic in our society; and fueled by unrealistic standards of beauty/body image represented through out the fashion industry (and media in general). I don’t think that a waif-like model was necessary for this shoot, or that it enhances the tone of the photography. That said, I also want to recognize that a small percent of the population is naturally quite thin, but healthy the way that they are, and I would never mean to assert that they shouldn’t be allowed to do these jobs or pursue their calling because of the way they look (just as no plus sized model should be told that). I love the artistic vision of the photographer in this shoot and the mood of the imagery. It reflects my own personal aesthetic. I hope that you can appreciate it as beautiful art, as I do. Enjoy!
Magazine: Flair – May 2009 (5-2009) Italy
Model: Kendra Spears
Photographer: Chad Pitman

New Jamie Nelson!!!

I’m sooooo excited! I go on the website every so often to see if any new shoots have been posted, and I must say…This one is a beaut!

Girls Of Summer

Oh yet another reason that I love H&M…
 As a pre-pubescent teen visiting my sister abroad in Germany, I had my eyes opened to the wonderful world of shopping and fashion by this (then much smaller) clothing mogul. Much like the day I realised that boys exist, I have never been quite the same.
Thank you H&M for years and years of faithful service. You only get better with time…
 Client:  H&M’s swimwear collection 2010 
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Models: Daria Werbowy, Erin Wasson, Sasha Pivovarova, Julia Stegner and Lara Stone

‘Beast Of Burden’ | Malgosia Bela, Maria Carla Boscono And Others By Peter Beard For The Pirelli Calendar



Photography: Peter Beard

Models: Elephants, Malgosia Bela, Daria Werbowy, Maria Carla Boscono, Isabeli Fontana


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