EXCLUSIVE | ‘Vesperine’ | Marcela Vivan By Clarens Tyson For The Libertine | June 2012

by Kate Van Raden

‘Vesperine’ was lensed by the young photographic prodigy Clarens Tyson. Clarens is originally from Montreal, Canada but his photography is based in  New York City . He recently picked up a camera in 2011, and has been shooting for a just one year now. Influence by the people around him with cameras, Clarens never anticipated that he would fashion. It took him a while to find the right person for his first shoot. He went to New York originally for tourism, and fell in love with the city. He then decided to create an album entitled “NY state of Mind- Raw” . Clarens began capturing anything raw that inspired him within the city; combining different mood and elements with a mixture of  architecture,  fashion, nudity, emotion, and personality. ‘Vesperine’, featuring stunning young face @ WOMEN, Marcela Vivan, was produced beside the East River; ‘The shoot with Marcela Vivan perfectly completes my New York album, as she brings something genuinely unique to her pictures’.


Model : Marcela Vivan @ Women NY
Photographer : Clarens Tyson