EXCLUSIVE | ‘2 If By Sea’ | Hulya Ishtar By George Stratigis For The Libertine | August 2012

by Kate Van Raden

‘2 If By Sea’, is an intimate jaunt around deserted beaches on the seemingly mythical island of Adalar (The Princes Islands) off the coast of Turkey.  Our photographer George Stratigis met Turkish siren, Hulya Ishtar, on the steaming morning streets of Istanbul where they would then embark for the island by boat. The two set off atop bicycles in search of and intimate sea-shore setting for the shoot. With the model styling herself very naturally, the editorial was allowed to evolve gradually into this sensual, feminine blossoming taking place between a photographer and his muse. Hulya’s unique aire of mystery and intuitive sense of self lend to an atmosphere of pure seclusion by the sea.. Escape. Enjoy!

Photographer: George Stratigis
Model: Hulya Ishtar