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Month: April, 2014

We’re Moving!

Dear readers,

The Libertine Magazine.''It's My Turn'. Kinée Diouf By Viviane Sassen For AnOther Magazine . Autumn 2013. 4(image: Viviane Sassen)

After 6 years of beautiful imagery, inspiration and discovery, The Libertine is moving on to broader horizons! We have reached a tipping point, at which our gorgeous exclusives are over taking the fluid compilation of creative mediums that we, and our readers have so long enjoyed! In order to continue offering exclusive content in a pristine format, we will be launching a new publication under the name Satiety Paper. The new forum will continue to bring you ground breaking work from the most cutting edge talents; which will be offered via subscription only (available soon). While all exclusive pieces will transfer over and air on the new site only for subscribed members…The Libertine will resume regular blogging of non-exclusive, inspirational findings from around the web and the fashion industry. The decision has not been made as to how long the previous content will remain available. We will differ to the outcry of our readership for the final decision on the fate of The Libertine!

In this exciting new chapter, Satiety Paper will be taking on additional team members and staff to support the quality and quantity of our features. If you are interested in potentially joining the team, please forward any inquiries and qualifications, submissions or advertising proposals to In the hopes of going live with our first issue this Summer Session, we have temporarily suspended updates to The libertine. Once the new Paper has launched, posting here should resume. We hope to take most of our readers into this new venture with us, and look forward to your feedback throughout the evolution of Satiety Paper; with the aim at creating a legacy worthy of a print edition in the near future.

Thank you for the many years of faithful following, feedback and support. As we begin our own transition into a bright future, we bid you good night, and good luck!


‘Seed To Blossom’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vladimira O’Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Seed To Blossom' . Vladimira O'Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover. 2

“I choose to risk my significance…to live so that which came to me as seed, goes to the next as blossom…”(Dawna Markova).

Our newest publication, ‘Seed To Blossom’, is an exclusive original from Slovakian photographer Natalia Horinkova. Living and working today in sunny Sydney, Natalia has been pursuing unique photography since she first picked up a camera in Dubai, years ago. In discussing her career, Natalia asserts “I love all pretty things, in any form; and I live to tell a wordless story with my editorials. I prefer natural light, but love playing and experimenting around the studio, while still developing my craft and style”. This series stars classic beauty, Vladimira O’Farrow (who is also a small screen natural, in the most recent Kid Cudi video) poses in striking, basic black pieces and vintage curls for a soft feminine appeal. With subtle makeup by artist Lubica Krajnakova and grooming by stylist Dominicc Mikulcak (@ Alterna), Vladimira is both enchanting and distinctive. The composition of these shots is sharp, clean and unusually ‘pretty’ for our often edgy collection…making it the perfect accentuation. Enjoy!

IMG_9794 copyIMG_9746 copy IMG_9782 copy IMG_9781 copyIMG_9848 copy IMG_9711 copyIMG_9950 copy


Photography: Natalia Horinkova

Makeup: Lubica Krajnakova

Hair: Dominicc Mikulcak @ Alterna

Model: Vladimira O’Farrow @ Trump

‘Mighty Aphrodite’ Part 2 | EXCLUSIVE | Liza Sotnikova By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-994. Cover. 9

Artist Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I (photographer Nick Sushkevich) was born in Omsk, a major defense industry center during the Soviet Era. I studied computer science and Commercial Law. During those years I was interested in computer graphics an 3D. In the late 90’s I was hired to a professional advertising and design studio in my hometown. It was great learning stuff and connecting with folks from around the globe. I even tried myself as a school teacher for CGI classes! Then in 2006 I moved to Moscow where I was doing photography in my free time. In 2010, with the help of my friend Lev Efimov, I met Ulyana Sergeenko who was pursuing her photographer career and assembling her team; I start as a retoucher there…and here I am now.

Where is home?

Anywhere I rent an apartment.

Did you go to school to study photography?

No, never. Unfortunately there wasn’t, and still isn’t, any school to study photography in Russia.

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally – about 7 years.

How would you describe your style?

I can’t describe my work as having a certain style…it’s just the way I like to shoot. I choose the easiest ways of lighting the scene; so perhaps you could define it as a lazy style photography!

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

Mostly I use digital cameras. Sometimes I take pictures with film and instant cameras.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

If I had to chose one lens, I’d prefer 35mm because it’s a pretty useful wide angle lens and I can crop the frame later to highlight the main object.

I’ve learned the most from…


What are you still learning?


Your favorite film (movie) of all time?

I guess, “Traffic” or “Silence of the lambs”.

And the last question: If you had one wish, what would it be?!

My own studio in Paris and NY (with access to the roof )


'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-994'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9993'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9992'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9994'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-997'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-999'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. 95'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-3'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-99991'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9997'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9999'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9998'Mighty-Aphrodite'.-Exclusive-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-1'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9995'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-4'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-6'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-5'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-7 _NS19270_PR'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-99992_NS19372_PR


Photographer: Nick Sushkevich 

Model: Liza Sotnikova @ Ultra Moscow

‘Mighty Aphrodite’ Part 1 | EXCLUSIVE | Liza Sotnikova By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover. 8The Libertine welcomes fabulous first time contributor Nick Sushkevich. Nick, who has worked in fashion for years (most notably for Ulyana Sergeenko) has created an incredible studio editorial to feature the dramatic attributes of young siren, Liza Sotnikova. The series contains so many striking and memorable images, that the Libertine will be releasing it in two parts for our Spring Fling series! With the second half of this story, there will be an accompanying interview with the photographer himself; regarding the journey of his career into fashion photography, as well as updates on some of the exciting opportunities on his horizon. Part one of ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ captures the smoldering sensuality of  our whimsical muse, with simplistic styling and lavish embellishments. This collection is one of our personal favorites of the season…hence why we are dedicating two features to it! The dynamic Voguesque perfection of the images is virtually overwhelming. Stay tuned for the second installment, and…Enjoy!

_NS18434_PR'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-99996_NS18402_PR'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. 91'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. 97'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. 993'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-96'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-94'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-92'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. 99'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-99995'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-98'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-993'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. 2'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-99994'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-999951


Photographer: Nick Sushkevich 

Model: Liza Sotnikova @ Ultra Moscow


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