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True Blue

The breeze tickles the alders,

fracturing the sky in to a million glass shards of daydream.

And I breathe in forever…

The moment your mind stops time:

the bullets freeze in the air, and fall

the needle dull kisses your skin,

(eternally poised to pierce)

the razors, the knives…

They lay on their sides

and wink back at your blinding light.

But you,

You become sound

Become touch

Become sight.

You wield the sword that splits the worlds;

Nothing can touch you.

Nothing can have you.

You half yourself, by your own calculations…

and go everywhere


And there I’ll be waiting…


Dominic Wilcox - tin foil bust(image: Dominic Wilcox)

Maculine To The Maximum

Male models everywhere, take a knee and bow down to the epic David Gandy! I volunteer this post as tribute.

David, there is no other…nor ever will be… I salute you.

David-Gandy-by-Tomo-Brejc_fy7David-Gandy-by-Tomo-Brejc_fy3David-Gandy-by-Tomo-Brejc_fy4tumblr_llpfslRpK51qa3zgwo1_1280002agamechanger_fy8gamechanger_fy4gamechanger_fy7gamechanger_fy2STOLTZEANDSTEFANIE__NICHOLAJ04seantetsu_fy2seantetsu_fy10seantetsu_fy4seantetsu_fy7seantetsu_fy5Sean-OPry-by-Miguel-Reveriego_fy4Sean-OPry-by-Miguel-Reveriego_fy2tom-ford-skincare-campaign-fw-13-14-02Juan Betancourt.2Nick-Jonas-by-Yu-Tsai_fy2Nick-Jonas-by-Yu-Tsai_fy9Nick-Jonas-by-Yu-Tsai_fy5Nick-Jonas-by-Yu-Tsai_fy10Out-of-Proportion_fy4Before-The-Storm_fy3Nigel_Hosang_01Nigel_Hosang_04Untitled-4-9_fy2tumblr_n08zk9mhva1szhg2eo1_1280tumblr_mxiwg5GF5U1r3pv4qo1_500 (2)PageImage-487012-4710461-BEN_GRIEME_DAVID_ARMSTRONG_01La-Bare_fy9La-Bare_fy5Patrick-Harry-by-Zachary-Handley_fy3Patrick-Harry-by-Zachary-Handley_fy8Patrick-Harry-by-Zachary-Handley_fy10Youngeeddd_fy4Youngeeddd_fy16Youngeeddd_fy13Youngeeddd_fy12Youngeeddd_fy10Youngeeddd_fy9Youngeeddd_fy6waitformeplease_fy4tumblr_nbldxlXD561rret88o1_1280tumblr_mnxs196Nl61qjwg51o1_1280tumblr_mjez1ouIpb1r0n61yo1_1280Untitled_banana_fy8Untitled_banana_fy4Untitled_banana_fy3AlterEgo_fy6AlterEgo_fy2AlterEgo_fy3AlterEgo_fy7L.A.-Models-by-Christian-Rios-MALEMODELSCENE-net-01Paramount_fy2Paramount_fy4Paramount_fy5Paramount_fy14Paramount_fy13Paramount_fy11Paramount_fy10Filip-Hrivnak-by-Miguel-Reveriego_fy1Magnificent-Man_fy5What-is-Art_fy2tumblr_l99g8sOwmO1qa3zgwtumblr_l1vxchgcOi1qa3zgwJason harris photography.22013_01_22_nils_02-162Andres Velencoso. 3Burnout_fy6Burnout_fy5blueedededfy7batedhunt_fy3batedhunt_fy5batedhunt_fy14batedhunt_fy13hufno28-5batedhunt_fy2Before-The-Storm_fy5Issue29_iEve-7Issue29_iEve-2IMG_6508Krzysztof HerholdtSubmergence_fy5untitleduntitledNevermindeeeed-_fy3The majority of these images came to us, credit of Fucking Young Magazine

SNEAK PEEK: ‘A Day Of Rest’ | Joanne By Malcolm McGettigan For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Day of Rest' . EXCLUSIVE.  Joanne By Malcolm McGettigan For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 4We bring you a soft and sweet new story from the portfolio of photographer Malcolm McGettigan. ‘A Day of Rest’ peeks in on charming beauty, Joanne, as she goes about accomplishing small, daily labors of love with ease and care. The editorial mainlines intimate energy (paramount over flesh or sexuality) but in no way stops short of the bewitchingly, guileless nudity we adore here at the paper.  As the most recent contribution to our second issue of Satiety, Malcolm’s piece lends a lighter touch to some of the more dramatic tones of our collection; striking a harmony that we so strive to create. It’s lovely to spend the day (albeit, in just a few moments) with this delicate enchantress and the artist who captures his perfect vision of her beauty. Get swept up in the daydream HERE. Enjoy!

SNEAK PEEK: ‘The Back Alley Salvage Botique’ | Ting Gong By Mae Richards For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'The Back Alley Salvage Botique'. Ting Gong By Mae Richards For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 3We’re loving this fun fashion piece by NY photographer Mae Richards. Featuring exotic beauty Ting Gong (@ Ford Models), the editorial combines eclectic styling and sophisticated beauty resulting in real modern mastery. Mae, who has previously contributed portraiture to The Libertine’s collection, returns to us with an ever evolving personal signature of artistic composition and classic story telling. Her collaboration with Ting is no exception! The model has a unique way of infusing intrigue into the images; with a girlish simplicity that offsets her equally mysterious aura. From some angle she appears frank and transparent, while in other moments she embodies an impenetrably icy exterior. The coalescence is positively electric. Check out the rest of the story HERE, at Satiety Paper. Enjoy!

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Gaslight Lovers’ | Sam Perry And Thomas Vollmar By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Gaslight Lovers' .EXCLUSIVE. By Garrett Williams For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 92

Welcome to the classic sparkle of the ‘Gaslight Lovers'; our newest addition to the Fall Flight series…and contribution from photographer Garrett Williams. Starring breakout fashion icons, Sam Perry and Thomas Vollmar, the series portrays a clandestine liaison between a racy young stunner and her mysterious, would-be suitor. Electric from the first glance, this tryst is set against a scene that harkens back to such a time when illicit  affairs only rendezvoused behind closed doors. or lurking in the shadows of dark corners. The period-particulars were constructed by the style master Jamie Gorden, to echo the enduring style of a more romantic era. Both male and female models received sleek coiffure from artist Lorene Herrera. The final product of this collaboration is a deliciously voyeuristic story of seduction and indulgence. Make sure to get a look at all the great images (HERE). Enjoy!

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Paris Confidential’ | Polina Malanova And Vika Rin By Lev Efimov For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Paris Confidential'. by Lev Efimov For Satiety Paper #2 . The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 8‘Paris Confidential’  comes to us from groundbreaking mastermind Lev Efimov! A long time favorite over at The Libertine, Lev has provided stylistic inspiration for our work, going back several years (see some of the blog post that have featured his creations HERE).  As his trademark, conceptual innovations develop, Lev continues to hone his discerning eye for gorgeous composition and flawless imagery. As one of our most apprised submission to date, this editorial simply slays, with its coquettish overtones, vivacious revelry and unabashed eroticism. Models Polina Malanova and Vika Rin are a vision of sultry perfection; bound and strapped into delicate but daring adornments composed of everything from the most delicate, frothy lace textures to staunch leather and rope fastenings selected by stylist Denis Chechkov. The final accents were contributed by Beauty Pro Ernest Muntaniol to soften and sizzle against the girls’ pretty palettes. It takes true brilliance to (so beautiful) marry playful innocence and smoldering sexuality to the degree that this artist recurrently achieves. This attribute, as much as any of the multitude in his wheelhouse, keeps us coming back for Lev time after time. Once you discover the delectable quality of his creations…it’s impossible to get enough. It’s a huge honor to endorse his artistic contributions here on Satiety Paper; and we have no doubt that the viewers will not soon forget his name. You can see more saucy shots from this one of a kind exclusive HERE. Enjoy!

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Boudoir’ | The Muse By Evgeniya Boyarskaya For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Boudoir' .The Muse By Evgeniya Boyarskaya For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover. 9

“Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” – Maya Angelou.  Charming, exquisite and alluring all at once; this editorial hinges somewhere between life’s playful pleasures and the quieter moments of retiring reminiscence. Photographer Evgeniya Boyarskaya has staged the lavish surroundings, in which our budding heroine can retire to her own company and revel in the sensual pleasures of her blossoming femininity. The moment that a girl transitions into a woman, is perhaps the most bewitching scene of her entire story…and this flourishing young vision gives us an intimate peek into that precious period of discovery. The series (somewhat reminiscent of the timeless Victoria’s Secret series of the infamous Russel James) presents a true fantasy realm in which the viewer can immerse oneself. With ‘barely there’, elegant grooming accents…the entire story was styled by the model herself, in order to enhance the air of ease throughout. We just love including another repeating contributor; donating this perfectly pretty piece in our collection…View our complete series HERE. Enjoy!

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Black Cat Prowl’ | Amber Flowers By James Norton For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

Editorial - James Norton PhotographySit back and soak in the sensual masterpiece that is ‘Black Cat Prowl’. Our naughty little kitten in this story is portrayed by total sexpot, Amber Flowers. Amber beautifully communicates shifting attitude and playful energy as she explores the topography of the landscape without and within. The viewer is enticed into following this saucy siren as she liberates her body before the objective lens of photographer James Norton. Here at the Paper, we never claim to stand on ceremony in the selection process of  fabulous additions to our liberal platform …and the ‘method to the madness’ of our vision is perfectly encapsulated in this gorgeous, yet edgy, and  strongly seductive series. Like great publications that have come before Satiety, we endlessly strive to open the mind wider; to delve deeper into humanity; to cut the constraints of a judgmental society: and above all, to inspire and encourage each of our readers to relish in their personal brand of beauty, albeit large, small, straight or curvy, classical masculinity/simple or detailed and accessorized femininity, short or tall, dark or light, strong or soft…we love every single one of you…just as you are. Go out and celebrate yourself and the beauty you walk in, today (after you check out the complete, amazing series over at Satiety Paper of course). Enjoy!

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Undefined’ | Philomena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Undefined' Philomena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper #2 . The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 21‘Undefined’…is really more like undefinable. The striking Philomena absolutely mesmerizes us in this straightforward, but faaar from simple, studio editorial. We have the privilege of endorsing the work of photographer Anna Daki once again; as she hits another one out of the park for Satiety Paper’s second issue: The Fall Flight. As we wrap up the last of our swim shoots and reach for our sweaters, it’s a pure pleasure to carry along some of previous contributors into the next phase with us. Anna is one of those creatives that we expect to see many great things emerging from in the future. This dynamite collaboration, frames some of the most exquisite basics that we’re coveting for fall. Just so you can hunt for them as well…the designer’s links are posted in the credit section of the full editorial, for your reference. Enjoy!      phelomena-19a (2)

‘Valentino Haute Couture’ | By Max Von Gumppenberg + Patrick Bienert For Vogue Italia | September 2014



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