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‘Gone’ | EXCLUSIVE | Elena Fortina By Marco Michelletto For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Gone' . EXCLUSIVE. Elena Fortina By Marco Michelletto For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover. 1Saged Italian photographer, Marco Michieletto returns to The Libertine for our Spring Fling series, with a gorgeous new story entitled ‘Gone’. The editorial marries timeless photography with elegantly artistic nudity, to portray the sacredness of a young woman’s private moments lost in thought. Entrancing beauty, Elena Fortina, embodies the beguiled muse with effortless grace.  The spectator is invited to share in this peaceful musing, arrested in time, between two artists and the ether. Enjoy!

_EF_6165smll _EF_6391smll_EF_6434smll_MG_6534smll _EF_6684smll2 _EF_6713smll _EF_6314smll _EF_6335smll_EF_6368smll_EF_6375smll _EF_6804smll_EF_6937smll_EF_6962smll_EF_7052smll_EF_6443smll _EF_6567smll_EF_7160smllCredits

Photographer: Marco Michieletto

Model: Elena Fortina

Post production: Luca Cadamuro

‘The Spirit Moves’ | EXCLUSIVE | Amanda Griffith By Craig Stuart Eisenberg For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014


‘The Spirit Moves’: through stunning model Amanda Griffith, to haunt the lens of Libertine veteran, Craig Stuart Eisenberg.  For our new Spring Fling series, the pair played with light and contrast to thread a sense of intrigue throughout the editorial. Simple beauty and styling lend an unpretentious tone to the disarming portraits. The chemistry at play here is spot on, and succeeds in drawing readers into the intimate connection between the photographer and model. A beautiful edition to the work we have published for Mr. Eisenberg in past issues. Enjoy!

'The Spirit Moves'  EXCLUSIVE  Amanda Griffith By Craig Stuart Eisenberg For The Libertine  The Spring Fling 2014. 1 'The Spirit Moves'  EXCLUSIVE  Amanda Griffith By Craig Stuart Eisenberg For The Libertine  The Spring Fling 2014. 2 'The Spirit Moves'  EXCLUSIVE  Amanda Griffith By Craig Stuart Eisenberg For The Libertine  The Spring Fling 2014. 3LRamanda002C0008CROPLRamanda80493037LRamanda80493036LRamanda002C0011NOHAIRLRamanda002C0029LRamanda002C0036LRamanda001C0020LRamanda001A0006LRamanda001C0014LRamanda001A0020 LRamanda001A0024


Photographer: Craig Stuart Eisenberg

Model: Amanda Griffith

‘Mystic River’ | EXCLUSIVE | Georgia Martin By Jason Mark Harris For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

 'Mystic River' . Georgia Martin By Jason Mark Harris  For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover.2

We couldn’t be more excited to release our next story in the Spring Fling series; ‘Mystic River’. The editorial was shot by Libertine darling, Jason Mark Harris as a tribute to the reawakening spirit of nature in the spring. Jason cast Storm model, Georgia Martin to portray the flaxen-haired apparition of innocence in the sweet story. Clothed in ensembles composed by Gemma (from With Love Betty), she wafts delicately by the waters edge like a slender reed, bending and blowing in the breezes. As in the words of Williams Wordsworth ” O joy! that in our embers,  is something that doth live… That nature yet remembers, what was once so fugitive…”(Imitations of Immortality). Style and beauty, grace and purity are defined anew in this lovely compilation of light, ethereal images. Enjoy!

DSCF4546DSCF4534bwDSCF4472 DSCF4465bwDSCF4492DSCF4505bwDSCF4493DSCF4489DSCF4515bw DSCF4567 DSCF4581bwDSCF4563DSCF4558bw DSCF4607DSCF4655bw DSCF4731


Photography: Jason Mark Harris 

Model: Georgia Martin

Stylist: Gemma @ With Love Betty

‘The Dreamers’ | EXCLUSIVE | Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan And Austin Victoria By Lucas Passmore For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

     The Dreamers'   Angelina Bordeaux,  Austin Victoria By Lucas Passmore For The Libertine Magazine. 2014. Cover.1

For our second fashion story from L.A. photographer Lucas Passmore, the team set out on an exhibition into the untamed Californian wilderness; in pursuit of love, happiness and the setting sun. This spirited jaunt around the countryside perfectly encapsulates the fresh, vernal aire of spring that we are heartily huffing over here at The Libertine! Models Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan and Austin Victoria effortlessly embody the carefree, bohemian love-children of the open road. Dressed in generous and contrasting layers, selected by stylist Sean Panella, our models embrace their shared journey as an opportunity to create memories and lasting beauty. It’s our pleasure to share the gorgeous series with you, as part of our latest collection. Enjoy!

NW5A4576NW5A4665NW5A4684-EditNW5A4677NW5A4685 NW5A5198-EditNW5A5082NW5A5173NW5A5138NW5A5153NW5A5307NW5A4916 NW5A4783-EditNW5A5045NW5A4961NW5A4811 NW5A5428-EditNW5A5497-Edit NW5A5635-EditNW5A5662 NW5A5575-EditNW5A5739-EditNW5A5766-Edit


 Photography: Lucas Passmore

Models: Angelina Bordeaux, Tom Sheahan and Austin Victoria

Stylist: Sean Panella

‘Stark Contrast’ | EXCLUSIVE |Azizi Donnelly By Amelia J. Dowd For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Stark Contrast'. Azizi By Amelia J. Dowd For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover. 4

Allow me to present ‘Stark Contrast’; our most recent editorial release for the Spring Fling! The studio/location combo series, featuring exotic Australian model, Azizi Donnelly, offers an exciting experience look at this dynamic new talent, while honoring the grade A quality of work that we have come to expect from photographer Amelia J. Dowd. From frame to frame, Azizi’s strong countenance and Amelia’s eye for composition combine to create a stunning marriage of arresting expression and artistic excellence that evokes emotion and admiration in the reader. This feature seamlessly compliments the other amazing work already included in our latest spring collection. We hope you enjoy it as much as our team has. Enjoy!

IMG_0266 as Smart Object-1IMG_0572 as Smart Object-1IMG_0455 as Smart Object-1IMG_0460 as Smart Object-1IMG_0381 as Smart Object-1IMG_0393 as Smart Object-1


Photographer: Amelia J. Dowd

Model: Azizi Donnelly @ EMG Australia

‘Mathilde’ | EXCLUSIVE | Mathilde Frachon By Akila Berjaoui For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Mathilde' .EXCLUSIVE . Mathilde Frachon By Akila Berjaoui For The Libertine Magazine . The Spring Fling 2014. Cover. 8

Enchanting french sprite, Mathilde Frachon, joins forces with Libertine All-star, Akila Berjaoui, to create a sleepy and sultry story of disarming feminine vulnerability. Mathilde (who has appeared in countless international publications such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Interview Magazine and more) has a way of transporting audiences with the depth of her gaze and the sweet, childlike freshness to her beauty. Complimented effortlessly by Akila’s candid style, Mathilde’s sparkling vivacity emanates through each frame. Stylist Elle Packham selected flirty, modern pieces to compliment the relaxed hair and beauty looks created by Rae Boriboun. The series is the second addition to our Spring Fling compilation…and kicks off our new season at The Libertine with fervent excitement for the inevitable industry developments to come this spring. Enjoy!

_MG_0925-Edit-2-Edit copy_MG_0884-Edit-2 copy _MG_0890-Edit-2 copy _MG_0902-Edit copy _MG_0905-Edit copy _MG_0852-Edit copy_MG_0966-Edit copy'Mathilde' .EXCLUSIVE . Mathilde Frachon By Akila Berjaoui For The Libertine Magazine . The Spring Fling 2014. 92 _MG_1068-Edit-2 copy_MG_1059-Edit copy_MG_1075-Edit copy_MG_1001-Edit copy

Photography: Akila Berjaoui
Stylist: Elle Packham
Model: Mathilde Frachon @ Chic
Hair: Rae Boriboun

‘Broke Down Palace’ | EXCLUSIVE | Evgeniya Sizanyuk By Evgeniya Boyarskaya For The Libertine Magazine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Broke Down Palace'. EXCLUSIVE. By Evgeniya Boyarskaya For The Libertine Magazine. The Fall Flight 2013. Cover. 7 (1)

Photographer Evgeniya Boyarskaya returns to The Libertine with  ‘Broke Down Palace’; a gorgeous new exclusive, to kick off our Spring Fling series! As a 2nd time guest to our zine, Evgeniya has formulated a transcendent new shoot with wispy eastern stunner, Evgeniya Sizanyuk. The pair took to Paris, haunting the skeletons of historical edifices and the deserted  grounds, sprawling out from them in every direction. The result, is an elegant series of subtle sophistocation and intrigue.  Enjoy!

DSC_2368DSC_2249DSC_2314DSC_2308DSC_2242DSC_2313 DSC_2628DSC_2598 DSC_2900 DSC_2954DSC_3006 DSC_3044 DSC_3059 DSC_2856

Interview with the Artist

Where is your home?

I live in Moscow. It’s very much like NY; a good balance of living and working.

How did you get into photography?

It wasn’t my dream originally. I got in to it by chance. At the beginning of my exploration, I didn’t really like the results. Things have come so far, that these days, I’m content and focused on creating every picture.

Did you go to school to study photography?

I didn’t attend a speciallty school; however, school is where I learned how to use a camera. Later in life, my husband taught me bout using studio lighting.

What are some other hobbies?

Currently, I am studying art history. I find it extremely interesting. The education includes much more than the history of arts only, it is really one history of the world. Recently, I’ve become fond of weight lifting!!! Besides being good for muscles and overall health, it makes my long trips with heavy photo equipment bags easier.

How long have you been a photographer?

4 years..

How would you describe your style?

My background has been mostly taking beauty portraiture. I work almost exclusively in studios, and I like to feature porcelain, shining skin. Some of my new fashion work displays another style; in new work, I like to show not only a beautiful model, but a beautiful landscape too.

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

It is always Nikon for me. I used to shoot on a D40, with a d90 for practicing and studying the artistry. For a long time after that, I worked with a d700. These days, I pack a Df and Nikon D700. It is always digital cameras for me…I don`t like to work with film (although, I do like how it looks).

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

50mm (it can do everything) but I like 105mm too!!

A favorite website and/or blog you visit often? is for my breakfast ritual, like newspaper, but about fashion shoots. I read and frequently turn to Google!

Dream person/thing to photograph?

My husband. But it’s an unrealistic aspiration. He doesn’t like having his photo taken and he never has, ha. So, if I can’t shoot my husband, I would settle for Leonardo DiCaprio.

I’ve learned the most from…


What are you still learning?


Where you’ll find me on a Friday night at 9 p.m…

So many different variations and possibilities…a bar, chill-out or another meeting spot…however, I think at home entertaining friends is the most likely.

Your favorite film (movie) of all time?

Head in the clouds

Which five words would your friends use to describe you?

Very strange, very-very strange.

And the last question; if you had one wish…

Oh no! have so many wishes…maybe: self-evolution.


Your Baby Ain’t Sweet Like Mine

My Love… There was/is nothing before you; and now there is only forward. Happy Valentine’s day!

tumblr_mlgxndPknA1r1j1nco1_500tumblr_m84ta4W0MV1r1k9q6o1_1280poignes-de-main-4Populaire-930X620_scalewidth_630LOVEMORE 19mateja_edit_1_0mateja_edit_2_0MG_6120IMG_3162James_Dean-Natalie_Wood_(Rebel_Without_a_Cause)_stilltumblr_miuz1wNh0s1s4nwaro1_1280PREMIERE Octobre 2004 Dimensions du scan 1080x1420 150pp77840032_zps21395368Sean O’Pry and Estee Rammant by Robbie FimmanoMG_6298tumblr_mectegBuui1rzo9sbo1_1280tumblr_mnku966aVj1qai1bvo1_1280tamara gutlichsaul-naph-blog-11img_1236tumblr_mqkdfibdBf1qiz3j8o2_50006_8594_low young love. kissing0232tumblr_mzemdouU6r1qz6f9yo1_500Screen-Shot-2013-06-13-at-13.03.23hanna-putz-zeit-magazinPageImage-496754-3871271-IMG_369016_mage2romantic_photography_by_Sanya_Khomenko_(8)IMG_10580151bThe Libertine Magazine.January 2013. Love. Romance. Cute Couples. Passion. Kisses. 2olga and ben02_7980_lowtumblr_myf0slbwV01s1qzgxo1_1280Scan9tumblr_m4dmx9yr7N1rpjojlo1_1280love_in_the_air (2)tumblr_mn1nveu9CZ1rhrd64o1_50005_8366_lowtumblr_m218gjtEJB1qfb2vso1_500fenn3tumblr_mlrzx5UMCx1qjtchdo1_500tumblr_n0ahl03uEY1r1d9c0o2_1280tumblr_mlmppcBCHl1qc94oqo2_500  tumblr_mlmppcBCHl1qc94oqo3_500tumblr_mlmppcBCHl1qc94oqo4_500tumblr_mkybmfwry51qc94oqo1_500 tumblr_mkybmfwry51qc94oqo4_500tumblr_mkybmfwry51qc94oqo2_500 tumblr_mkybmfwry51qc94oqo3_500FireShot Screen Capture #136 - 'All sizes I tumblr_luxmvfI2SR1qz5hcoo1_1280 I Flickr - Photo Sharing!' - www_flickr_com_photos_georgelazenby_6400141951_sizes_l_in_photostreamtumblr_mi6x23EsQD1qbwdm8o1_1280naw2tumblr_mk5iny8jLD1qd0g7ro1_1280saul-naph-blog-05karokkkkkkkthelibertineezine.kiss me kid, i like itIMG_0762tamara gutlich.2tumblr_mqdyykLuno1r9czw8o1_1280medium_landscapetumblr_mu423kdzGy1r8mmrfo1_500Crista Cober in Men's Health536868_560430393988238_1976415097_nfenn4 xfenn14.jpg,qw=580.pagespeed.ic.-_RFDklkgOtumblr_mxc00cyaIa1qze4syo1_500tumblr_mp6m27IClk1rtxgizo1_1280tumblr_lrp5rxKqD41qevo7jo1_500Studio Juillet Août 2003 Dimensions du scan 860x1200 150pp 601954_560430453988232_437791836_ntumblr_mr32ute69v1rtxgizo1_1280fenn16.jpg,qw=580.pagespeed.ce.2wR24iWppDtumblr_mp3548TdC51rtxgizo1_1280tumblr_mzf6flosHu1rtxgizo1_1280xfenn11.jpg,qw=580.pagespeed.ic.ZblbvCjWwGtumblr_mummwd6ZEC1spa4mko1_1280tumblr_mtep08KBLo1qcmg1uo1_500 tumblr_mqsa0dtZFZ1qa895jo1_1280tumblr_mqfdxgrNPO1rtxgizo1_1280tumblr_mr4d2ylB4y1rtxgizo1_1280Eva Antonini - Tutt'Art@ - (38)tumblr_l24tmdg4gP1qaoueko1_500tumblr_m5s4eb3ppx1qf4teko1_500

I love you baby. Thanks for being mine…




tumblr_n2l7m3wjTy1qz6f9yo1_500Glowing_Pond_Green_48x72_web1 002dancersweb_water_lilies_2013_48x721

‘Shape’ | EXCLUSIVE | Milena By Anna Daki For The Libertine | The Fall Flight 2013

'Shape'. Milena By Anna Daki For The Libertine . The Fall Flight 2013. 6

It is an honor to introduce a striking new editorial by renowned photographer Anna Daki. The story ‘Shape’ presents a clean, modern innovation in studio photography; that elegantly showcases the shifting architecture and  soft geography of the human body. As a veteran of the lens, Anna (who has previously published work in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Germany, Flair Magazine and more) intuitively perceives every miniscule shift in her models demeanor, and imparts them beautifully to the reader. The subject, exotic beauty: Milena, is a breath-taking, artistic study in anatomy. The series creates a gorgeous and polarizing contrasts of positive and negative space with each interpretation of her form. Makeup artist, Henrike Christians, applied the impeccable finishing touches, with simple, minimalist grooming; boasts the allure of the  model’s bare beauty. Flawless. Enjoy!

untitled-14auntitled-39auntitled-24auntitled-7a1untitled-29auntitled-21a1 untitled-34a1untitled-32a2untitled-16a


Photography: Anna Daki
Model: Milena
Makeup: Henrike Christians


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