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SNEAK PEEK: ‘Paris Confidential’ | Polina Malanova And Vika Rin By Lev Efimov For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Paris Confidential'. by Lev Efimov For Satiety Paper #2 . The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 8‘Paris Confidential’  comes to us from groundbreaking mastermind Lev Efimov! A long time favorite over at The Libertine, Lev has provided stylistic inspiration for our work, going back several years (see some of the blog post that have featured his creations HERE).  As his trademark, conceptual innovations develop, Lev continues to hone his discerning eye for gorgeous composition and flawless imagery. As one of our most apprised submission to date, this editorial simply slays, with its coquettish overtones, vivacious revelry and unabashed eroticism. Models Polina Malanova and Vika Rin are a vision of sultry perfection; bound and strapped into delicate but daring adornments composed of everything from the most delicate, frothy lace textures to staunch leather and rope fastenings selected by stylist Denis Chechkov. The final accents were contributed by Beauty Pro Ernest Muntaniol to soften and sizzle against the girls’ pretty palettes. It takes true brilliance to (so beautiful) marry playful innocence and smoldering sexuality to the degree that this artist recurrently achieves. This attribute, as much as any of the multitude in his wheelhouse, keeps us coming back for Lev time after time. Once you discover the delectable quality of his creations…it’s impossible to get enough. It’s a huge honor to endorse his artistic contributions here on Satiety Paper; and we have no doubt that the viewers will not soon forget his name. You can see more saucy shots from this one of a kind exclusive HERE. Enjoy!


Total Treats!

A tribute to two gorgeous sites that embody sexuality, sensuality and feminine guile: Treats! Magazine and Regarder les Filles

tumblr_ndagn0kuFQ1rusndco1_1280tumblr_ndes7eFzJf1rusndco1_1280treats-magazine-jurij-treskow-2treats-magazine-jurij-treskow-4treats-magazine-jurij-treskow-9treats-magazine-jurij-treskow-13treats-magazine-jurij-treskow-12treats-magazine-jurij-treskow-11IMG_7912IMG_7909IMG_7914IMG_7920IMG_7900 tumblr_ndagasFIbE1rusndco1_1280 tumblr_ncywzcxkDi1rusndco1_1280 tumblr_ncdhnxZlqn1rusndco1_1280tumblr_ncrzzlHA4C1rusndco1_1280 tumblr_nc08pqLLln1rusndco1_500 treats-magazine-Halasz-Jacint-three-graces-3HenriCartierBresson_LeonorFini_1933atumblr_n9q8g1GL411qhixt7o1_1280treats-magazine-grace-coddington-no-clothes-paddle-8kesler-tran-nadua-7kesler-tran-nadua-8luma-grothe-vogue-brasil-3luma-grothe-vogue-brasil-1luma-grothe-vogue-brasil-2Torkil-Gudnason-03Torkil-Gudnason-01treats-magazine-torkil-gudnasion-3treats-magazine-torkil-gudnasion-1treats-magazine-torkil-gudnasion-2Toni-Garrn-by-Paola-Kudacki-for-Allure-Russia-2Toni-Garrn-by-Paola-Kudacki-for-Allure-Russia-3treats-magazine-kesler-tran-oksana-11treats-magazine-kesler-tran-oksana-1treats-magazine-kesler-tran-9E0CC4DCC-68DF-47A4-AB89-61874AB3DA86tumblr_n7ew9s5mn31qhixt7o1_1280Dioni-Tabbers-by-Jenny-Brough9Anja-Rubik-by-Mario-Testino-for-Vogue-Germany-9Anja-Rubik-by-Mario-Testino-for-Vogue-Germany-8Anja-Rubik-by-Mario-Testino-for-Vogue-Germany-4treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-13treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-11treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-9treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-5treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-3treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-2treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-1treats-magazine-igor-oussenko-15treats-magazine-pamela-dos-santos-dennis-stenild-stalker-by-s-magazine-6treats-magazine-pamela-dos-santos-dennis-stenild-stalker-by-s-magazine-7treats-magazine-pamela-dos-santos-dennis-stenild-stalker-by-s-magazine-2treats-magazine-pamela-dos-santos-dennis-stenild-stalker-by-s-magazine-5treats-magazine-pamela-dos-santos-dennis-stenild-stalker-by-s-magazine-4tumblr_n8i3yfnm6M1qzfza5o1_1280tumblr_na74ynDgsH1qhixt7o1_1280Treats-Magazine-Leonie-Damien-Vignaux-8treats-magazine-stephan-wurth-mathilde-4edita-vilkeviciute-by-mikael-jansson-for-lui-magazine-3-december-january-2013-2014-2Eliza-Sys-by-Darren-Keith-6treats-magazine-alex-freund-andrea-yurko-2treats-magazine-alex-freund-andrea-yurko-8niklas2niklas1

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Boudoir’ | The Muse By Evgeniya Boyarskaya For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Boudoir' .The Muse By Evgeniya Boyarskaya For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover. 9

“Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” – Maya Angelou.  Charming, exquisite and alluring all at once; this editorial hinges somewhere between life’s playful pleasures and the quieter moments of retiring reminiscence. Photographer Evgeniya Boyarskaya has staged the lavish surroundings, in which our budding heroine can retire to her own company and revel in the sensual pleasures of her blossoming femininity. The moment that a girl transitions into a woman, is perhaps the most bewitching scene of her entire story…and this flourishing young vision gives us an intimate peek into that precious period of discovery. The series (somewhat reminiscent of the timeless Victoria’s Secret series of the infamous Russel James) presents a true fantasy realm in which the viewer can immerse oneself. With ‘barely there’, elegant grooming accents…the entire story was styled by the model herself, in order to enhance the air of ease throughout. We just love including another repeating contributor; donating this perfectly pretty piece in our collection…View our complete series HERE. Enjoy!


SNEAK PEEK: ‘Black Cat Prowl’ | Amber Flowers By James Norton For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

Editorial - James Norton PhotographySit back and soak in the sensual masterpiece that is ‘Black Cat Prowl’. Our naughty little kitten in this story is portrayed by total sexpot, Amber Flowers. Amber beautifully communicates shifting attitude and playful energy as she explores the topography of the landscape without and within. The viewer is enticed into following this saucy siren as she liberates her body before the objective lens of photographer James Norton. Here at the Paper, we never claim to stand on ceremony in the selection process of  fabulous additions to our liberal platform …and the ‘method to the madness’ of our vision is perfectly encapsulated in this gorgeous, yet edgy, and  strongly seductive series. Like great publications that have come before Satiety, we endlessly strive to open the mind wider; to delve deeper into humanity; to cut the constraints of a judgmental society: and above all, to inspire and encourage each of our readers to relish in their personal brand of beauty, albeit large, small, straight or curvy, classical masculinity/simple or detailed and accessorized femininity, short or tall, dark or light, strong or soft…we love every single one of you…just as you are. Go out and celebrate yourself and the beauty you walk in, today (after you check out the complete, amazing series over at Satiety Paper of course). Enjoy!

Editorial - James Norton PhotographyEditorial - James Norton PhotographyEditorial - James Norton PhotographyEditorial - James Norton PhotographyEditorial - James Norton PhotographyEditorial - James Norton PhotographyEditorial - James Norton Photography

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Undefined’ | Philomena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Undefined' Philomena By Anna Daki For Satiety Paper #2 . The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 21‘Undefined’…is really more like undefinable. The striking Philomena absolutely mesmerizes us in this straightforward, but faaar from simple, studio editorial. We have the privilege of endorsing the work of photographer Anna Daki once again; as she hits another one out of the park for Satiety Paper’s second issue: The Fall Flight. As we wrap up the last of our swim shoots and reach for our sweaters, it’s a pure pleasure to carry along some of previous contributors into the next phase with us. Anna is one of those creatives that we expect to see many great things emerging from in the future. This dynamite collaboration, frames some of the most exquisite basics that we’re coveting for fall. Just so you can hunt for them as well…the designer’s links are posted in the credit section of the full editorial, for your reference. Enjoy!      phelomena-19a (2) phelomena-25a

SNEAK PEAK: ‘Body, The Blank Slate’ | Karli Karissa, Sharina Gutierrez And Others By Tyrone Lavigne For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Body, The Blank Slate'. Karli Karissa, Jessica Dykstra And Others By Tyrone Lavigne For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. Cover 4It’s an honor to present this incredible collectors series by innovative photographer Tyrone Lavigne. He manages to to take a classic concept modeled by other greats such as Peter Lindbergh, and transform it into a style of expressing purity in even the most modern beauties. The story feature idyllic and diverse beauties Karli Karissa, Alyssa Julya SmithBrittany Roughton, Elisabeth Giolito, Jessica Dykstra, Kendall Galan, Lily Charlotte, Maddie Cook, and Sharina Gutierrez. Each woman contrasts the striking features of each other in a way that both sets them apart, and flows with complete synchronicity. It’s always an pleasure to feature pieces that combine a wide range of talents, and Tyrone has conceptually perfected the art. With only very basic grooming and no need for styling, the images allow the viewer to absorb the bare vulnerability of  the woman in front of the camera. We welcome you to linger over the stunning figures, without the imposition of distracting wardrobe. Come view the entire series of beautiful images from this exclusive and others, over at Satiety Paper (Now entirely public, free of charge). Enjoy!

SharinaGutierrez-LAModels3 Maddie-Next1

SNEAK PEAK: ‘Birds Of A Feather’ | Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, Nicola Minarikova By Stefano Fabbri For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Birds Of A Feather'. EXCLUSIVE. Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, Nicola Minarikova By Stefano Fabbri For Satiety Paper. The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 10For the exciting release of our new publication, the former team of discerning eyes over at The Libertine has been scouting far and wide for exceptional new talents. While Stefano Fabbri is new to us, he is no newcomer to the fashion or photography industries. We bring you his latest  incredible editorial, ‘Birds of a Feather’, as the most recent addition to our issue #1 collection. The series stars models Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, and Nicola Minarikova; as they spend a day whimsically musing between layers of fresh, clean cotton. Join us in savoring these intimate portraits…which evoke the experience of falling in love with a beautiful woman…or 4. For nudity and the complete series of stunning images purchase your annual subscription over at Satiety Paper. Enjoy!

02-katarina-2642702-masha-2705202-katarina-2633502-larissa-2761603-masha-27176 03-larissa-022903-katarina-2655301-masha-2690103-larissa-032503-nicola-0032 03-nicola-0070

SNEAK PEAK: ‘East Of Eden’ | The Muse By Brian Morris For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014


Crystal By Brian Morris For The Libertine Magazine . The Spring Fling 2014. Cover.9First time contributor Brian Morris joins the Libertine’s roster with his bang-up editorial: ‘East Of Eden’. The story, which  stars Brian’s arduous Muse, was lensed beneath the bright flare of the Californian sun; eliciting our hair-trigger yearning for summer here at Satiety Paper. With our Summer series beginning it’s anticipated release, the timing for this editorial couldn’t be better. The series, which frames the Muse’s natural beauty against the beauty of natural landscapes, is vaguely reminiscent of the fabulous Jamie Nelson’s mastery of lighting and color. We eagerly invite you to experience these two phenomenal new talents. Come and view the entire series of beautiful images now, over at Satiety Paper, when you purchase your annual subscription. Enjoy!Crystal By Brian Morris For The Libertine Magazine . The Spring Fling 2014. 98Crystal By Brian Morris For The Libertine Magazine . The Spring Fling 2014. 97Crystal By Brian Morris For The Libertine Magazine . The Spring Fling 2014. 99

‘Seed To Blossom’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vladimira O’Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Seed To Blossom' . Vladimira O'Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover. 2

“I choose to risk my significance…to live so that which came to me as seed, goes to the next as blossom…”(Dawna Markova).

Our newest publication, ‘Seed To Blossom’, is an exclusive original from Slovakian photographer Natalia Horinkova. Living and working today in sunny Sydney, Natalia has been pursuing unique photography since she first picked up a camera in Dubai, years ago. In discussing her career, Natalia asserts “I love all pretty things, in any form; and I live to tell a wordless story with my editorials. I prefer natural light, but love playing and experimenting around the studio, while still developing my craft and style”. This series stars classic beauty, Vladimira O’Farrow (who is also a small screen natural, in the most recent Kid Cudi video) poses in striking, basic black pieces and vintage curls for a soft feminine appeal. With subtle makeup by artist Lubica Krajnakova and grooming by stylist Dominicc Mikulcak (@ Alterna), Vladimira is both enchanting and distinctive. The composition of these shots is sharp, clean and unusually ‘pretty’ for our often edgy collection…making it the perfect accentuation. Enjoy!

IMG_9794 copyIMG_9746 copy IMG_9782 copy IMG_9781 copyIMG_9848 copy IMG_9711 copyIMG_9950 copy


Photography: Natalia Horinkova

Makeup: Lubica Krajnakova

Hair: Dominicc Mikulcak @ Alterna

Model: Vladimira O’Farrow @ Trump

‘Mighty Aphrodite’ Part 2 | EXCLUSIVE | Liza Sotnikova By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-994. Cover. 9

Artist Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I (photographer Nick Sushkevich) was born in Omsk, a major defense industry center during the Soviet Era. I studied computer science and Commercial Law. During those years I was interested in computer graphics an 3D. In the late 90’s I was hired to a professional advertising and design studio in my hometown. It was great learning stuff and connecting with folks from around the globe. I even tried myself as a school teacher for CGI classes! Then in 2006 I moved to Moscow where I was doing photography in my free time. In 2010, with the help of my friend Lev Efimov, I met Ulyana Sergeenko who was pursuing her photographer career and assembling her team; I start as a retoucher there…and here I am now.

Where is home?

Anywhere I rent an apartment.

Did you go to school to study photography?

No, never. Unfortunately there wasn’t, and still isn’t, any school to study photography in Russia.

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally – about 7 years.

How would you describe your style?

I can’t describe my work as having a certain style…it’s just the way I like to shoot. I choose the easiest ways of lighting the scene; so perhaps you could define it as a lazy style photography!

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

Mostly I use digital cameras. Sometimes I take pictures with film and instant cameras.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

If I had to chose one lens, I’d prefer 35mm because it’s a pretty useful wide angle lens and I can crop the frame later to highlight the main object.

I’ve learned the most from…


What are you still learning?


Your favorite film (movie) of all time?

I guess, “Traffic” or “Silence of the lambs”.

And the last question: If you had one wish, what would it be?!

My own studio in Paris and NY (with access to the roof )


'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-994'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9993'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9992'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9994'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-997'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-999'Mighty Aphrodite'. Exclusive By Nick Sushkevich For The Libertine. The Spring Fling 2014. 95'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-3'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-99991'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9997'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9999'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9998'Mighty-Aphrodite'.-Exclusive-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-1'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-9995'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-4'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-6'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-5'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-7 _NS19270_PR'Mighty-Aphrodite'-Part-2.-Liza-Sotnikova-By-Nick-Sushkevich-For-The-Libertine-Magazine.-The-Spring-Fling-2014.-99992_NS19372_PR


Photographer: Nick Sushkevich 

Model: Liza Sotnikova @ Ultra Moscow


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