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Some of The Libertine’s Favorite Exotic Beauties!!!

Pauline Hoarau936full-pauline-hoarautumblr_may4tsF6qb1r0fj3bo1_1280Asia3 Piwka, Carla Ciffoni, Athena Wilson, Pauline Hoarau & Elisabeth Erm by Bojana Tatarska (RomanceAsia Piwka9, Carla Ciffoni, Athena Wilson, Pauline Hoarau & Elisabeth Erm by Bojana Tatarska (RomanceAsia Piwka8, Carla Ciffoni, Athena Wilson, Pauline Hoarau & Elisabeth Erm by Bojana Tatarska (RomanceJPG_4934.1366x2048Ralph_Lauren_Fall_2014_Details_7iPZJaRh4PRxPauline_Saab2_vi

Marina Nerymarina nerymarina nery 3Marina-Nery-Vogue-Australia-Sebastian-Kim-06Marina-Nery-Vogue-Australia-Sebastian-Kim-03936full-marina-nery936full-marina-nery.jpg936full-marina-nery 2.jpgJuliana Jabour

Lais Ribeirolais-ribeiro-gossip-394427269article-2301126-18FAD3C5000005DC-512_634x860lais-ribeiro-1243150973MODA_FAIXA-4lais-ribeiro-model2lais_ribeiro_nordstrom_october_20134Lais-Ribeiro -Flaunt-Magazine--05Lais-Ribeiro---Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Runway-2013--03LaisBazaar4

Nairobys Matos


Arlenis Sosa


Melodie Monrose

X13603798341872271_2C13606510531871159_1Melodie MonroeMelodie2Melodie16a00d8341cbefd53ef01a511acc2ba970c-800wiMel7Mel19Melodie_Detail1Melodie3

Ysaunny Brito


Anja Leuenberger

Issey_Miyake_Fall_2014_Backstage_s_F_JS1_OJlj_Mxanja-leuenberger-_ss_2015_Valentin_Yudashkin_425_nocrop_w840_h1330_2xByblos_Milano_Fall_2014_Backstage_Ncz_Nh8_G8mw_ExByblos_Milano_Fall_2014_Backstage_u3_Iyb7am_Q7nx3126671Marchesa_Spring_2015_a_RR_BCsly_JsxByblos_Milano_Fall_2014_Backstage_S9n_Sc_Y4e_XRxananja_l_ss_2015_Dolce_Gabbana_1web-_dsc9980ok3.jpgweb-_dsc9996ok2.jpgweb-_dsc0088ok2.jpgweb-_dsc0120ok2.jpgweb-_dsc0122ok2.jpg05888_1280wThe_Row_013_1366image22 a11Azria_003_1366_1366x2048Azria_030_1366_1366x2048Azria_014_1366_1366x2048Azria_016_1366_1366x2048Azria_017_1366_1366x2048

Images scrubbed by The Libertine


Spotlight On Photographer Dmitry Rybak (18+) | Fall 2014

With Model Maria Sokolov @ Star System:
5jTUEte_eO8aoa_MOQcyM8ngRmpMUEB2kdmitry rybak.1. jpgUNWet30HAbwDqisVaWWQwwD9TX7LiAdvQJmwrHKaj040PFZCTE-o92YJ7q32chulLATZVsgukTDA0WpsvUoLdo44mLhKcrvt4kgQ4liCXAxUNAQgnc48rT_AI
with model Inna Smolina:
DSC_8530 cEkYP83Mfqo XNQhOx0ciws mHigsFuk1d4 Pc42YsJ2Hc8 Mosjwjkl_Bg SkJc2ncD2rs a2FGEsx1_v4 4tA9E_ULqbY

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Heart And Hearth’ | Teresa By Adolfo Valente For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Heart And Hearth' .EXCLUSIVE. Teresa By Adolfo Valente For Satiety Paper #2. The Fall Flight 2014. 1 We welcome back artist Adolfo Valente (this time taking aim at effervescent beauty, Teresa) as the newest contributor to our saucy Fall Flight series. In the past, Adolfo has captured the attention of our readership with his warm and glowing presentation of feminine beauty. He casts his subject beneath a sweet and guileless veil,  punctuated with the captivating transformation from naive girlhood to the tender, blossoming buds of  sensuality. The entrancing combination is both unique, and powerful; but manages to shine by excluding the pretense  of over production. Teresa was the perfect choice to embody our tender charmer. She is both delicate and formidable without seeming heavy handed. The editorial on the whole, is a stunning success and reminds us of the classical genre created by legendary David Hamilton. Check out the other gorgeous images HERE. Enjoy!

SNEAK PEAK: ‘Birds Of A Feather’ | Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, Nicola Minarikova By Stefano Fabbri For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Birds Of A Feather'. EXCLUSIVE. Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, Nicola Minarikova By Stefano Fabbri For Satiety Paper. The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 10For the exciting release of our new publication, the former team of discerning eyes over at The Libertine has been scouting far and wide for exceptional new talents. While Stefano Fabbri is new to us, he is no newcomer to the fashion or photography industries. We bring you his latest  incredible editorial, ‘Birds of a Feather’, as the most recent addition to our issue #1 collection. The series stars models Katarina Nemcova, Larissa Mascarenhas, Masha Baziuk, and Nicola Minarikova; as they spend a day whimsically musing between layers of fresh, clean cotton. Join us in savoring these intimate portraits…which evoke the experience of falling in love with a beautiful woman…or 4. For nudity and the complete series of stunning images purchase your annual subscription over at Satiety Paper. Enjoy!

02-katarina-2642702-masha-27052 01-masha-2690103-larissa-032503-nicola-0032

‘Seed To Blossom’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vladimira O’Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For The Libertine | The Spring Fling 2014

'Seed To Blossom' . Vladimira O'Farrow By Natalia Horinkova For The Libertine Magazine. The Spring Fling 2014. Cover. 2
“I choose to risk my significance…to live so that which came to me as seed, goes to the next as blossom…”(Dawna Markova).
Our newest publication, ‘Seed To Blossom’, is an exclusive original from Slovakian photographer Natalia Horinkova. Living and working today in sunny Sydney, Natalia has been pursuing unique photography since she first picked up a camera in Dubai, years ago. In discussing her career, Natalia asserts “I love all pretty things, in any form; and I live to tell a wordless story with my editorials. I prefer natural light, but love playing and experimenting around the studio, while still developing my craft and style”. This series stars classic beauty, Vladimira O’Farrow (who is also a small screen natural, in the most recent Kid Cudi video) poses in striking, basic black pieces and vintage curls for a soft feminine appeal. With subtle makeup by artist Lubica Krajnakova and grooming by stylist Dominicc Mikulcak (@ Alterna), Vladimira is both enchanting and distinctive. The composition of these shots is sharp, clean and unusually ‘pretty’ for our often edgy collection…making it the perfect accentuation. Enjoy!

IMG_9794 copyIMG_9746 copy IMG_9782 copy IMG_9781 copyIMG_9848 copy IMG_9711 copy

Photography: Natalia Horinkova
Makeup: Lubica Krajnakova
Hair: Dominicc Mikulcak @ Alterna
Model: Vladimira O’Farrow @ Trump

‘We’ll Never Be Royals’ | EXCLUSIVE | Britt Linn Vee By Kyle Deleu For The Libertine | The Fall Flight 2013

'We'll Never Be Royals'. Britt Linn Vee By Kyle Deleu For The Libertine. The Fall Flight 2013. Cover. 7

Photographer Kyle Deleu (assisted by Sharon Zobali) returns to The Libertine with another smokin’ exclusive. ‘We’ll Never Be Royals’ is a youthfully rebellious editorial, featuring fierce new face Britt Linn Vee. The looks were composed and styled by Nandi K. to complement the rock-and-roll grooming looks created by artist Pam Vanika. This series encourages experimentation with fashion as a mode of self expression. Britt takes no prisoners and makes no apologies, in this edgy new mix for our Fall Flight series. This season, it’s going to be all about making a statement…so dare to bare, or dare to tare…just DARE! Enjoy!

Britt 9732Britt 0115Britt 0007 Britt 9575 Britt 9581Britt 9441 Britt 94002 Britt 94003Britt 94001Britt 6251Britt 6273


Photographer:  Kyle Deleu 

Model: Britt Linn Vee

Stylist:  Nandi K.

Makeup:  Pam Vanika

Photo Assistant:  Sharon Zobali

‘Comely, Tender’ | EXCLUSIVE | Daiana Di Finizio By Adolfo Valente For The Libertine | The Fall Flight 2013

     The Libertine Magazine. 'Comely, Tender'. Daiana Di Finizio By Adolfo Valente For The Libertine. The Fall Flight 2013. Cover. 3

The Libertine has the tremendous pleasure of collaborating again with master photographer, Adolfo Valente on a new sensual masterpiece entitled ‘Comely, Tender’. The glowing and ethereal editorial depicts delicate Italian beauty, Daiana Di Finizio in the sweet bloom of life. Hazy, shadowed rooms and golden morning rays cast intrigue and subtle dreaminess to the portraiture. Her gaze echos throughout the series and lingers with you after. Reminiscent of the iconic beauty of Ali MacGraw, Daiana is purely enchanting. This is another memorable series, and a perfect compliment to our already heavy-hitting Fall Flight series!

It’s very exciting for us that these beautiful images will also be featured QG; as they will be doing a spotlight on the artist, along with an interview, and showcasing some more of his intoxicating work. Enjoy!

Daiana_Q9A0038_ph_adolfo_valente Daiana_Q9A0021_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A1414_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0223_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0214_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0533_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0591_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A1090_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0693_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0703_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0675_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0729_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0611_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0898_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A0773_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A1129_ph_adolfo_valenteDaiana_Q9A1203_ph_adolfo_valente


Photographer: Adolfo Valente

Model: Daiana Di Finizio

‘Velvet Underground’ (18+) | EXCLUSIVE | Margherita Cesarano By Pino Leone For The Libertine | The Fall Flight 2013

The Libertine Magazine. 'Velvet Underground'. Margharita By Pino Leone For The Libertine Magazine. The Fall Flight 2013.  Cover. 8

‘Velvet Underground’ is a sensual masterpiece that comes to you from the recess of brilliant mind, Pino Leone. Silky smooth skin, voluptuous curves and tumbles of cascading hair, flow together like water to create dynamic movement throughout the images. Perhaps the most dramatic and striking quality of the editorial, is the grace and frank confidence with which the muse intimates the sacred splendor of her beauty. Model Margherita Cesarano stars as the captivating temptress, exploring the delicious sensations provided by embracing the freedom of her own skin. Her natural allure was amplified by makeup artist Giordana Hassan; who chose to simply underline the sumptuousness that already existed, rather than cover it up with heavy styling…

Set against the backdrop of a clean white studio, the editorial is truly an homage to the subtle power of feminine beauty. As the newest installment in The Libertine’s Fall Flight series, ‘Velvet Underground’ represents both the polished standard of mastery and the boundless scope of creativity that’s become obligate for all of our publications. Enjoy!




Photography: Pino Leone

Model: Margherita Cesarano

Beauty: Giordana Hassan

‘Baby Blues’ | EXCLUSIVE | Britt Nicholas By Willy Ward For The Libertine Magazine | The Fall Flight 2013

The Libertine Magazine. 'Baby Blues' . Britt Nicholas By Willy Ward For The Libertine Magazine . The Fall Flight 2013. 9

As much as a dramatic location can set the stage for a stunning editorial, sometimes shooting in the studio is a more complementary frame for both the model and the wardrobe. ‘Baby Blues’, shot for the Libertine by photographer Willy Ward, is just such a story. Featuring rising star Britt Nicholas, the editorial’s palette of deep blues beautifully contrasts with the models natural warmth. Britt’s easy energy gives the shoot a clean and cool feel that finds its perfect marriage in the denim ensembles compiled by stylist Ellen Purtill. Her casual outfits are offset by the feminine hair and beauty stylings of artist Jaclyn Hnitko.

As the Libertine makes its transition into our Fall Flight series, we are constantly consuming a steady stream of new talent and amazing artistry. We could not be more excited than to share a collaboration from this team of blooming talents! Enjoy! 

130831_Britt_Chic_06_0589130831_Britt_Chic_07_0668130831_Britt_Chic_01_0067130831_Britt_Chic_05_0520130831_Britt_Chic_02_0219130831_Britt_Chic_03_0346 130831_Britt_Chic_03_0268130831_Britt_Chic_03_0327


Photographer: Willy Ward

Stylist: Ellen Purtill 

Make up/Hair: Jaclyn Hnitko 

Model: Britt Nicholas

‘When The Bough Breaks’ | EXCLUSIVE | Lise Olsen By Federica Simoni For The Libertine Magazine | The Fall Flight 2013

The Libertine Magazine. 'When The Bough Breaks' .Lise Olsen By Federica Simoni For The Libertine Magazine. The Fall Flight 2013. Cover.8

For the third addition to our Fall Flight series, The Libertine has the pleasure of bringing you a classic autumn editorial, featuring intoxicating and exotic model, Lise Olsen. Lise creates an air of ease and sophistication in her collaboration with Italian photographer, Federica Simoni. Styled by the meticulous Elisa Sedoni, Lise dons ensembles by labels Misuraca, Cristina Miraldi, Ricostru, Chiara Baschieri and Persy Jewels. She enjoys a late afternoon stroll around sprawling country grounds; lingering occasionally to ‘smell the roses’. Each and every depiction of the enchantress, radiates cool class, underlined by modern style. Lise’s flawless look was created by beauty guru, Ilaria Borgioli to enhance the naturally striking nature of her unusual beauty. The entire team contributed grade A artistry, and The Libertine couldn’t be happier than to include the unforgettable story in our latest collection. Enjoy!    

1 2 4312 13119 87


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