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‘Salt Sea Air’ | Frederikke Winther By Ditlev Rosing | Autumn 2015

'Salt Sea Air'. Frederikke Winther By Ditlev Rosing .Autumn 2015. 2'Salt Sea Air'. Frederikke Winther By Ditlev Rosing .Autumn 2015. 1'Salt Sea Air'. Frederikke Winther By Ditlev Rosing .Autumn 2015. 3'Salt Sea Air'. Frederikke Winther By Ditlev Rosing .Autumn 2015. 4'Salt Sea Air'. Frederikke Winther By Ditlev Rosing .Autumn 2015. 5Via: Portraits of Girls

Earth Angel (+18)

6a00e54ecca8b9883301b8d12ae9e4970ctumblr_nlifn1rh1m1rpz4kno1_1280 6a00e54ef96453883401bb08489e5d970d-800wi 1211 13 13-copy6-copy 56 67 69 EditaVilkeviciute_Lafayette-House_2012_by_PamelaHanson_10EditaVilkeviciute_Lafayette-House_2012_by_PamelaHanson_11EditaVilkeviciute_Lafayette-House_2012_by_PamelaHanson_13EditaVilkeviciute_Lafayette-House_2012_by_PamelaHanson_16EditaVilkeviciute_Lafayette-House_2012_by_PamelaHanson_18EditaVilkeviciute_Lafayette-House_2012_by_PamelaHanson_17 Elsa-Hosk in-the-air-fabien-baron-for-interview-magazine-october-2015-13 Marc-Hervouetin-the-air-fabien-baron-for-interview-magazine-october-2015-24 N13899725571949714_5 Rebekah UnderhillN13899725571949714_51 tumblr_n3b2wvBTbR1t8sl7co1_1280 tumblr_nbsd97EJkI1qdmzdbo1_1280 tumblr_nbsdahUuem1qdmzdbo1_1280 tumblr_nklw97w0oo1qbmsdyo1_1280tumblr_nf549anICB1qdmzdbo1_1280tumblr_nhipovy0Zz1tpz12go1_1280 tumblr_nmnaqoEFFs1qdmzdbo1_1280 tumblr_nqidewIxON1qdmzdbo1_1280tumblr_nrm03is7Yf1s47hb3o1_1280 tumblr_nu87ybX0MM1s47hb3o1_540sophia-ahrens-frederikke-sofie-by-annemarieke-van-drimmelen-for-holiday-magazine-fall-winter-2015-26sophia-ahrens-frederikke-sofie-by-annemarieke-van-drimmelen-for-holiday-magazine-fall-winter-2015-10sophia-ahrens-frederikke-sofie-by-annemarieke-van-drimmelen-for-holiday-magazine-fall-winter-2015-27

‘Balmy Forcast’ | Yana Sotnikova By Alessandro Casagrande For Polanski Magazine Vol.04 | Summer 2015


‘Straight Forward’ | Natalia Vodianova By Peter Lindbergh For Esquire Russia | June 2015


‘A Lifetime In White Underpants’ | Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer | 1974-2014

“Lucy Hilmer photographs herself every year on her birthday, April 22nd, wearing nothing but her white Lollipop underpants, shoes and socks. She’s been doing this for 40 years, since her 29th birthday. In 2015, she will be 70…revealing how a woman who came of age before women’s lib used her camera to peel off society’s “pretty girl ” label and define herself from the inside out.” – Quoted from

14851586575_4bc30360b6_b14664902160_50500089c0_b14851586555_0a60d8f466_bLucy Hilmer14871476323_c86695735c_b14665056447_02f0cd2d63_b14871476243_b80324da09_b14871476203_b0e0ea5635_b14851586215_679e4c3edc_b14664969918_a06454901e_bBirthday Suit Age 47 April 22, 1992.On The Libertine. 'A Lifetime In White Underpants' .Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer .1974-2014. 2On The Libertine. 'A Lifetime In White Underpants' .Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer .1974-2014. 314851259862_e600b0d48d_b14851259692_a8bc2cc06d_b14851259682_7da38b7d7d_b14664901710_260da6f0e7_b14664969708_46be49b521_b14664901580_42736e0636_b14851585705_a9647eb55a_b

She’s On Fire, And Everything’s Burning Down (+18)

Olga Shuldyk. 1Backstage-AT-The-World-of-Women-Supreme-FOR-BACKSTAGE-AT-BY-KEVIN-TACHMAN-COPYRIGHT-KEVINTACHMAN-BACKSTAGEAT.COM00009-900x600Elie_Saab_Fall_2015_Backstage_HkjmbVTeuGEx1Irish McCallarobyn-lawley-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-modelposes.modaHailey Clauson for Nylon Magazine (September 2014) photo shoot Hailey Clauson for Nylon Magazine (September 2014) photo shootmalgosia-bela-mark-segal-lui-feb-14-012DSC7247DSC7081Olga Shuldyk. 2Santa_Urbane_2Paulina Porizkova00Bob Carlos Clarke.5_btumblr_nddkjpBDoh1qcj8jbo1_r1_1280tumb-924chiara-by-emanuele-ferrari-005chiara-by-emanuele-ferrari-018tumblr_ne9werY7Px1rc5aoyo1_1280tumblr_nlp2dvJ7Yl1qgkb4jo1_1280tumblr_nlp62bjOqJ1qgkb4jo1_1280Silvia-by-Marco-Michieletto-013malgosia-bela-mark-segal-lui-feb-14-007tumblr_ngyfwutvye1ryebcno1_1280josh5tumblr_ne0zw8XX561qbvvito1_1280015_MODE_CEDRICBUCHET_BAT.inddMontanari Matteotumblr_niib1dQoQI1sozfu9o4_1280edita-vilkeviciute-by-mikael-jansson-for-lui-magazine-3-december-january-2013-2014-2Roumina by Stéphane Coutelletumblr_nhqkkaVh7Y1r1gklco1_500

‘Girls Get Ahead’| Catherine McNeil By Christian MacDonald For Document Journal | Summer 2015

'Girls Get Ahead' .Catherine McNeil By Christian MacDonald For Document Journal .Summer 2015. 1tumblr_inline_n94m56wtzm1qgx4kv 'Girls Get Ahead' .Catherine McNeil By Christian MacDonald For Document Journal .Summer 2015. 2Credits
Model: Catherine McNeil (Other models, not pictured here: Riley Montana, Malaika Firth, Jessica Stam, Amanda Wellsh, Annely Bouma, Issa Lish)
Photographer: Christian MacDonald
Fashion Editor: James Valeri
Hair: Esther Langham
Make-up: Wendy Rowe

See the full editorial, with the entire cast of models, at We Are So Droee

SNEAK PEEK: ‘At First Light’ | EXCLUSIVE | Natasha By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling 2015

At First Light. Natasha By Marco Michieletto For Satiety Paper #4. The Spring Fling 2015. Cover. 1There is nothing quite as intoxicating as the supple curves of a  womanly body. If you add the face of an angel, you’d have something very close to our sweet Natasha here. Her soft figure is in perfect harmony with the gauzy, dreamlike quality of Marco Michieletto‘s photography. He’s continuously discerning the gentleness within his subjects, and subtly extrapolating on that quality. His eye for beauty, combined with Natasha’s striking femininity, result in an overwhelming delirium of aesthetic pleasure. More HERE. Enjoy!_NL_7564web

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Beauty The Bold’ | EXCLUSIVE | Juliet B. And Sara P. By Margherita Loba Amadio For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling 2015

'Beauty The Bold' . EXCLUSIVE . Juliet B. And Sara P. By Margherita Loba Amadio For Satiety Paper #4 . The Spring Fling 2015. Cover 2As if she were a visionary sculptor of stone, Margherita Loba chips away the layers of pretense that disguise the spirit concealed within her medium. Bringing forth the artistic destiny of  her subject, Margherita spins the natural world as reflected in her lens, into the intoxicating portrayal of an idyllic garden of Eden. In the nature of our namesake, this series of images purely satiates the craving for a whimsical daydream. The Romanesque paradise would not be so entirely perfect without the delightful musing of our wood nymphs: models Juliet B. and Sara P. They appear joyfully uninhibited, frolicking and filled to the brim with carefree abandon. The lyrical exposure of nature and skin, life, sunlight and playfulness, make the collection an enchanting spring mirage. It’s a pure pleasure to welcome a new photographic talent to our pool, and a new five star story to our 4th edition. You can see the rest of the stunning images HERE. Enjoy!


SNEAK PEEK: ‘A Discerning Palate’ | EXCLUSIVE | Vaida Tamulenaite By Pino Leone For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling 2015

'A Discerning Palate' . Vaida Tamulenaite By Pino Leone For Satiety Paper #4. The Spring Fling 2015. Cover. 9Our infamous contributor, Pino Leone, shows his aptitude for wielding a spotlight, with his newest editorial, entitled ‘A Discerning Palate’. The studio set employs dramatic contrast and modern style,s to push the envelope of edginess. With the glance felt ’round the world, dazzling beauty Vaida Tamulenaite lights a million torches and captures the readers’ full attention. Donned in fur and feathers, lace and latex, Vaida is at once beguiling and audacious throughout. The arresting nature of the series is undeniable; with much more at hand, than just the provocative essence of a flawless muse. Forward thinking stylist, Simona Sanfedele, compiles a structured yet sensual wardrobe of  La Perla,  Celyn B., Halaby and Max Bianco, for the piece; blending opposing elements of hard and soft, to balance the drama of the composition. Each look was given a brilliant finish by beauty pro, Giordana Hassan, and fully embodied by our model. It can be very rare to find such an impeccable outcome of composing a fashion story…but when you consider the unlimited promise of all parties involved, it’s hard to imagine anything less. Come see all of the images, HERE. Enjoy!_MG_8201


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