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‘Bevy of Beauties’ | Tanya Mityushina, Gigi Hadid, Nina Agdal, Barbara Palvin, Erin Heatherton, Hailey Clauson, Irina Shayk, Lilly Aldridge, Hannah Ferguson And Others | By James Macari For Sports Illustrated


Dress Me, Then Mess Me

The work of amazing stylist Ellen Af Geijerstam



Still Loving Hanneli Mustaparta

Relentless, spot-on style…Fabulous female. Period.

beauty-2013-06-hanneli-mustaparta-amfar-hairstyle-mainhanneli-mustaparta-170513748_10_generic_largePARIS FASHION WEEKCKC-Party-MF14-Hanneli-MustapartaJ99R050ZCU5TJ25R71W0YW455173662_10imagehanneli-mustaparta-171199775_10_generic_largeA14-Hanneli-Mustaparta-in-Edunimage-title11hanneli-2-mainPARIS FASHION WEEKfashion-2014-05-hanneli-mustaparta-frame-denim-overalls-main5db43971e45d99c236d233c39d5cdcdeJaiperdumaveste_JPMV_Nabile-Quenum_Street-Style_Hanneli-Mustaparta_Paris-Fashion-Week_Spring-Summer-2013_Paris-Fashion-Blog-2Hanneli Mustaparta54bcf121711dc_-_hbz-hanneli-ck-0254aa9fc13cb05_-_elle-37-celebrities-hanneli-mustaparta-vcalvin-klein-singapore-041214-hanneli-mustapartahanneli-mustaparta-tuscany

‘I Capture The Castle’ | Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper’s Bazaar UK | March 2017

On The Libertine. 'I Capture The Castle' . Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper's Bazaar UK .March 2017. 1On The Libertine. 'I Capture The Castle' . Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper's Bazaar UK .March 2017. 2On The Libertine. 'I Capture The Castle' . Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper's Bazaar UK .March 2017. 3On The Libertine. 'I Capture The Castle' . Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper's Bazaar UK .March 2017. 4On The Libertine. 'I Capture The Castle' . Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper's Bazaar UK .March 2017. 7On The Libertine. 'I Capture The Castle' . Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper's Bazaar UK .March 2017. 5On The Libertine. 'I Capture The Castle' . Sam Rollinson By Agata Pospieszynska For Harper's Bazaar UK .March 2017. 6


Photography: Agata Pospieszynska

 Model: Sam Rollinson

 Styling: Charlile Harrington

 Hair: Kota Suizu

 Make-Up: Marie Thomsen

 Location: Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven

‘Man In Paris’ | Ize By Backyard Bill | 2017

I still love Backyard Bill. His work is so exquisite. There’s lots of great stuff over on his blog that you should check out. I wish I could share all of it. I picked my favorite set out of his new work…the accompanying article is also via his site. Enjoy!


Where did you grow up? 

I was born in Cape Verde but moved to Paris when I was 9 years old.

Where do you live? 

I live in Belleville, an area in Paris that is known for its cultural mix.  You can discover foods from all over the world there: Chinese, Lebanese, French and many parts of Africa! For me, Belleville is more than just a neighborhood, it’s a city within a city.

Tell us bit about Comptoir General and what you do? 

Comptoir Général is one of those places you say “you must visit to understand it!”  You can come here to eat, drink, dance, shop clothes and other items or just have a coffee. This is a place where all types of exotic cultures meet and create a dynamic atmosphere that is hard to describe. I manage the store, also known as Marché Noir and I’m also an ambassador for Comptoir Général.


Who is your style icon? 

Ozwald Boateng, Yves Sait-Laurent and Olivier Rousteing

Three items of clothing you could not live without? 

Hat, trench coat and French blue worker clothing (vintage)

What’s your personal soundtrack? 

Marvin Gay’s “What’s going on” for me, is what Mozart is for others.


What does style mean to you? 

Style for me is a reflection of my personality, a part of my truth and honesty is that which I find in clothing.

If you could meet any person in the world, who would that be? 

He is no longer with us but I would like to meet Nelson Mandela because he ones said : “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”


Favorite color? 


Favorite food/ restaurant? 

My favorite restaurant in Paris is a Cape Verdien placed called “Chez Celeste”.

What would you like to be when you grow up? 

I would like to be a writer, words fly away but the writings still remains.


‘Lightweight’ | Dioni Tabbers By Philip Blythman | Summer 2017


‘Antigua’ | Emma Stern Nielsen By Juno Gray For Jetset Diaries | 2016

Breath taking model, location, wardrobe and photography. Enjoy!


Client: The Jet Set Diaries
Photographer: Juno Gray
Model: Emma Stern Nielsen
Beauty: Sina Velke

Jet Black And So Beautiful | Kheris Rogers

10-year-old Kheris Rogers was bullied for her dark complexion, so she started her own clothing line to celebrate individuals like her.


After 10-year-old Kheris Rogers was bullied by classmates for her darker skin and transferred to a new school to escape the taunting, her older sister Taylor Pollard stepped in to help boost the girl’s confidence.

“She started to notice she was different,” Pollard said in an interview with Buzzfeed. “She would cry a lot, and talk about how she doesn’t like her skin tone.”


Rogers told Mic she thought kids bullied her because they weren’t used to her skin tone. But, it didn’t stop with the students. “There was an incident with a teacher and we had to draw ourselves and she gave us a black crayon instead of a brown crayon, and I was really upset.”

When family members took to social media to seek support for Rogers, the love started pouring in. The public’s positive words not only raised the girl’s self-esteem, but they also gave her the inspiration to start her own clothing line “Flexin’ In My Complexion.”

“After I read all those comments I was like – wow – am I really that pretty?” Kharis told CBS Los Angeles.

The business stocks t-shirts in a several colors with the mantra “Flexin’ In My Complexion” on them, and Pollard told Mic new styles like crop tops will soon be added for the summertime. The money from the clothes, which cost $15 USD and up, will be going towards Rogers’ education. The girl now has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts which her sister and mother help manage, and she posts photos of herself with uplifting captions.

“Kheris really thought she was the only one going through this, but Kheris now realizes that this is a global issue,” Pollard told Mic. “She thought ‘If I’m feeling this way, then we want to help others who are feeling bad about themselves too.'” She added she hoped the fashion line would help other girls grow more confident.

“I just hope that especially for younger kids, people start to feel more confident in their skin.”

Article Via Huffington Post





‘Big Dipper’ | Maud Le Fort By Alex Bramall | Summer 2017