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Month: October, 2009

Frej Hedenberg: The Master Of Beuty, Fashion, Editorial, Magic and Sexiness!!! Wow Wow

FireShot capture #016 - 'Frej Hedenberg Photography' - www_frejhedenberg_comFireShot capture #015 - 'Frej Hedenberg Photography' - www_frejhedenberg_comFireShot capture #020 - 'Frej Hedenberg Photography' - www_frejhedenberg_comFireShot capture #018 - 'Frej Hedenberg Photography' - www_frejhedenberg_comFireShot capture #017 - 'Frej Hedenberg Photography' - www_frejhedenberg_comFireShot capture #022 - 'Frej Hedenberg Photography' - www_frejhedenberg_com

See Frej H. HERE

Let’s Hear It For The BOYS!!!- (Sexy Men’s Fashion Editorials)

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The Sea Inside Me

And we,

and we set out to sea,

when the moon was hanging high;

Our parents sleeping in their beds,

Unaware the time was nigh…

We filled our ship with twine and treats

and birds and hanging plants…

We strung up sails with silken sheets,

we fired up the lamps.

A gypsy breeze began to blow

and caught us in her howl,

a skip and a wink and away we go

the pussy cat and owl…


Kostas Murkudis A/W 09 Collection


Good Time Girl

I’m spotlighting Marloes Horst as my “Model of the Moment”!!! She’s healthy, gorgeous, and Dutch…What more could you ask for?! Enjoy!

1. Marloes, you applied to an agency in 2007, right? When did you get interested in this industry and who convinced you to apply?
Curious is more the word. I’m from a small village in Holland and of course we read some magazines and watched TV, but I never was really into fashion. Just the thought of being one of those girls in the magazine was cool.
My best friend and me made some pictures in her garden and sent them to agencies. I got some reactions back and I went to visite them. That’s how it all started. Just some young girls’ dream that came true in the end.
My friend ended up being a make up artist!

2. In what way has your life changed? Do you work as full time model now?
My life changed big time! First I was scared about going to Amsterdam and now I live in New York. I’m a much more social and grown up person.
I finished my high school and then started full time modeling. At the same time all my friends went on to study and I needed to create my own life that time.
Travelling alone over the world, meeting and staying with people I never knew before. It took me a while to addept to this fashion industry life, people judging and talking about every single thing of me. But now I’m a strong person and I’m living an amazing live!

3. Do you think that it’s important to educate in school before going abroad for jobs?
Yes, yes yes. I’m so glad that I’ve already finished my high school. When you’re a starting model nothing guarantees you a well payed modeling career. If faith kicks in and it doesnt work out being a model, you can start your school year all over again or looking for a job without any graduation.
And moreover, modeling is nothing for dumb people. You need to be aware of the world you will be travelling in on your own.

4. Is it actually difficult to balance out your job from your private life? Can you plan things like spending time with your friends & family or vacations in advance?
It’s hard putting family on a second place. Getting a great job doesn’t mean it will take you to the next level. There are so many maybes in this world. So, saying no to family events because you’ve got a job that maybe will change your career is tough. Especially when you live abroad and need to cancel a moment to see your family.
Planning in advance is not happening in this world! I don’t know what I am doing tomorrow or where I will be! It’s a fast and last minute industry.
August and Christmas are the two ‘legal’ moments to say no and see your family and I never let that chance go by.

5. What would you say was your breakthrough moment?
The Prada show gave me a great boost.

6. With reference to your jobs: Do you have some kind of codecision or does always the agency decide which jobs to do?

The agency always tells what kind of jobs I’m in option for and they advice me. You talk about what way you and your agency want to present and push you. Every model has her own road to take.

7. Do you remember the moment when you booked the Valentino fragrance campaign? Tell us, what was it like and how did you feel.
I was in a tent in France! I was road tripping at the time with some friends. It was amazing and I couldn’t believe it. I asked the agency if the client was sure HAHA

8. Who taught you basics like posing, walking, how to look into a camera or was it more of learning by doing?
Learning by doing. You need to find your own way in front of the camera. Photographers give you tips in the start, like watching your neck or not making your hands look like a big lump etc. These are little things you just need to learn by doing it over and over again. By looking at your pictures and seek for improvement.

9. Regarding editorials and campaigns: Do you prefer “only girl” or “multi girl” stories?
“Only girl” I guess… I like to have chemistry with the crew and especially with the photographer. With multi girls it’s usually harder to get that effect.

10. Do you still have to go to castings for eds/ads or do you get everything by direct booking?
Of course I have to do castings. I did great stuff but I’m not a Kate Moss or Gisele yet!

11. How does a killer body like yours stay in shape?
I have a trainer in New York. I go to the O-diesel studio and train with Oscar. He trains a lot of models and makes working out fun!
When I’m somewhere else I run and do exercises in my hotel room.

12. Has there ever been a job you were totally looking forward to but was unfortunately cancelled in the last minute?

Not that I recall, I think I blocked that out of my memories

13. Seriously, you’re on the top. So it would be very interesting to know: are you still excited when you get booked for a big job?

Yeeeessss I get crazy excited and still get nervous all the time! The bigger the job, the bigger the expectations from the model. I research about the style of the brand or of a photographer and try to be a little prepared, but every shoot is different and you need to make it your own. That gives me a lot of pressure.14. Referring to the Pirelli shooting: Was it actually so relaxing like it looks on the pictures? Where has it been photographed and how much time did the shooting take?
The Pirelli shooting was amazing. We shot in Brazil, Trancoso. At daytime on the beach and around the resort during night.
Because there was a lot of nudity a relaxed vibe was really important at the shoot . Being comfortable with the other girls and the crew that’s surrounding you during the shooting.
It turned out great, we all got along so well that after the first day it was something like a big holiday with pictures. I was in the first group and we stayed for 5 days. At the 5th day the second group came and we had press day. Group 2 stayed for 2 days after we left.
The shooting days were long: Starting at 8 and roughly ending at 1 am.15. Anything you would advice new models to wear to a casting?
Always wear heels. It shows that you put effort in the casting and that you respect the client.
Also you should wear something that shows off your body in a good way. That can be a shirt and jeans or a dress with tights, whatever you feel comfortable in.
Remember that there will be a lot of girls at a casting. Try to get a personal style so you can stand out.

16. Is it a strange feeling to have some kind of fans who are supporting you and talking about your work like on
They are incredible! They know when magazines come out before the agency does. It’s an amazing feeling people follow and support you like that. Ok sometimes there are bad things written about a shoot, but everybody has his own own opinion and I respect that. It’s good to hear the negative side though.. It makes you thinking.

17. Now in the end: Tell us one thing you’d like the world to know!
Well my mom is my biggest fan. So I want to dedicate this question to her and put the spotlights on her for a change! Ik hald fan dei !



D Yee: Photographer I’m Obsessed With!






And Then We Played House



These are the sites that I can’t live without at the moment. An AMAZING wardrobe stylist’s blog (that covers everything from high fashion, to new faces, interior deco, and amazing artists to love love love). It is a delightful blog with many great links and suggestions, original work, as well as a wee bit of quirkiness! Enjoy!
 I am positively HOOKED on!!! Oh My Gosh. It’s like a dizzying tumble down the rabbit hole. Once you start browsing images, the inspiration flows like champagne and it’s hard to pull yourself away from the endless eye candy. Good luck! Go in with a plan!



‘Picture Me’ | An Interview With Model/Activist Sara Ziff

sara-ziff-1“In a startling new documentary called Picture Me, model Sara Ziff and her former boyfriend co-director Ole Schell, expose the seedy recesses in the world of high fashion modeling; including those who turn a blind eye to it. In an interview published on; Ziff, who began her career in modeling at the age of 14, recounts an early experience with a photographer who purported to be having trouble “picturing” what she would look like for the story he was shooting. Perversely, he coaxes the 14 year old girl out of first her shirt, and then her pants, leaving Ziff only in her “Mickey Mouse knickers and a sports bra”. She continues the story by adding; “ ‘We might need to see you without your bra,’ he told me. It was like he was a shark circling me, walking around and around, looking me up and down without saying anything. I did what he told me to. I was just eager to be liked and get the job. I didn’t know any better.” Sara’s first intentions in starting her video diary was not to expose the industry that was paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars. Early scenes from hundreds of hours of footage over five years, depict the lighter side of the business; but steadily, those images changed. Ziff began passing out cameras to other model friends and encouraged them to tell their stories as well. What emerged, were tales of the exploitation of young girls, sexual assault and a clear disregard for the well being of these objectified young women. “What’s shocking, listening to Ziff, is how prevalent, and how far up the fashion food chain, sexual exploitation goes. ‘Vulnerable girls are being put into a potentially predatory environment,’ says Ziff. What’s in the agency’s interest is not always best for the girl, and if she’s in a compromising situation, she doesn’t necessarily have anyone to turn to.” To protect themselves and other models, Ziff and a small contingent of her modeling peers are working together to speak out. Some of the models are working toward forming a union; campaigning for “better working conditions, holiday and sickness pay, protection in case of injury”. What I have included in this post is only the tip of the iceberg with this story. I highly recommend that you read the article from the guardian. There are many stories that I did not include in this review that I think you will find arresting; especially if you have either considered becoming a model or allowing your daughter to join the profession. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment.”- Via The Fashion Sensei