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Month: January, 2010

Frida “The Face” Gustavsson

LOVE this girl!!! She looks like like a tiny elf with crystals in her eyes…Let’s watch her soar shall we?!


The Real Little Mermaid (Warning: Full Nudity)

Oh my gosh, I LOOOOOVE this shoot. The styling, the colors, the model…it’s so bad ass! Leave it to Denmark;)

Model: Ciara Christensen

Magazine:  S – 2008, Denmark

To Some Great Spirit Creator…Whomever You May Be

My courage is a whisper,
My conviction comes and goes,
My love does not move mountains,
I’m consumed by human lows…
I’m clumsy with my blessings,
I stumble through my chores,
My virtue is not spotless,
My only glory’s yours.
When the landscape seems uncertain;
Full of snares and sin,
My eyes lose sight of sunlight
My faith is sometimes thin…
Still I rise each day with purpose;
Share gifts that I possess,
Greet each stranger with a smile,
Meet hate with tenderness.
I try to choose the right from wrong;
Resist boasts when I speak,
I try to walk a steady path,
Though at times my will is weak.
I try to lead with goodness
When the choice is mine to make,
I try to hold a humble heart
And give more than I take. 
I lift my eyes towards the stars
When I don’t know who I am,
For the strength to be a lion 
And the grace to be a lamb…
Inhaling breeze in times of pain,
when my heart is dark with doubt,
I feel some universal love
and breath the sorrow out
The oceans flow beneath my feet,
The forests creak and sway,
the mountains tower around my ears,
the fields sag low with hay,
Behind the doors,
Inside the walls,
Below the windows,
Down the halls…
We feed our children and tuck them in,
We share our sacred lives,
We hold our husbands in our beds
We caress our precious wives,
We steal our private moments,
We confess our secret woes,
We do the daily living
And the worldly loving flows…
By: Kate Van Raden -“Let it flow people, let it flow”

Editorial- “Homecoming” by Phil Poynter (Fyi: GORGEOUS Guys)

I found this editorial for the first time on an amazing blog created by a professional stylist. She has a fantastic eye for everything from high fashion and men’s fashion, to interiors, lifestyle, street style, kitchen creations and love. Enjoy this great editorial selected by her…and then go check out the rest of her inspiring posts at:

“Home Coming”

Magazine: GQ Style, October 2009, UK
Photographer: Phil Poynter
Stylist: David Bradshaw
Models: Barnaby Dunn, Harry Goodwins and Philipp Schmidt


yum yum yum….makes we wanna buy a farm and get domestic;)

Beauty Borrowed

I copied this off . It spoke to me. Words are speaking to me today…sorry boys and girls;) just one of those days:

Do you know the most surprising thing about heartache? It doesn’t actually kill you. Like a bullet to the heart, or a head-on car wreck, it should. When someone you’ve promised to cherish forever says, “I never loved you,” it should kill you instantly. You shouldn’t have to wake up day after day after that, trying to understand how in the world you didn’t know.”

The Un-Loving Of You

I’m letting you go,
I’m giving you back,
Each bit of your self that I’ve kept…
I returned those eye brows,
and a few of your teeth,
I packed them and hummed as I wept…
I shipped off your thighs in a box with some fingers,
the larger ones only, for now…
When you asked for your shoulders
I blinked back through a frown,
But I let you take them,
And some lashes I’d found.
Now, the chuckle was harder,
I was still using that
And without out your soft hair,
I just can’t hang my hat
But I do understand that you need these things back
So I try to be gracious, although it’s an act.
The hard part is coming
And I know I’ll feel lost
with no way to smell,
Or to taste, or to talk…
See, I cherish your lips
still so familiar,
and your eyes that melt chocolate for me…
There’s a crook in your nose
that it’s not yours without,
and I’m starting to feel a bit empty…
At last to my treasures
high up on a shelf…
to your voice and your skin and your hands,
I hoped I could keep these forever,
but your starting to list your demands…
I can’t bear to imagine the woman who gets these,
I break down each time at the thought.
They’ve been mine for so long,
I just couldn’t tell you
how I’ll go on when they’re not…
Almost nothing is left here
You’ve taken it all
so we’ve parted, I get it, I’ll go…
but I wonder if I could compel you
the compassion to leave me a toe…?
By: Kate Van Raden

Those Eyes…They’re Breakin’ My Heart Kid

I was so thrilled to stumble upon this breath taking beauty shoot. It’s rare that I find beauty work that equally represents the creative vision of editorial work, but in my opinion, this was perfectly executed! It’s just a bonus that the model happens to be the impishly gorgeous Behati Prinsloo. Thanks again NUMERO!!! 

Behati Prinsloo by Liz Collins for Numéro November 2006

A Pun Undone

Live fast,

flash in the pan,

snatch your breaths and clutch them close to breast,

every blink is your stolen treasure. ..

Scribble your dreams in your palm,

write them in ink,

read them often,

add till your whole body’s blue…

Make haste while the sun shines,

count each stitch in time,

love unwisely,

for anything worth doing right is worth enjoying…

Allow yourself to be carried away,

be reckless,

exchange your youth for worldly wisdom and know the trade was good,

tomorrow is a new day…

for one more daytumblr_o127u0DBdu1qze65vo1_1280


These tights! O. M. G.

Oh The Places We’ll Go…

On the wings of love

By: Kate Van Raden

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