Holy SHOES!!!

by The Editor

Above, Imelda Marcos’s legendarily enormous collection of shoes.
 (from Dictator Style, by Peter York)

“When the incoming Aquino government audited the Marcoses’ quarters in Malacanang Palace in Manila they said they’d found 4,000 pairs of shoes.  Mrs. Marcos responded that this was ridiculous— she only had 1,200 or so…”

“[Ferdinand Marcos] had huge amounts of gold – 7,000 tons of it, a large part of the world’s stock. So much, in fact, that he built walls of it at home, using it as a kind of premium brick. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell Imelda. Always fussing over her interiors, Mrs. Marcos disliked the way the house was partitioned into tiny rooms, so she ordered some of the walls to be knocked down while her husband was away. The bricks were stacked in the garden, and an anxious Marcos wasted no time in retrieving them on his return.”

– Peter York, in Dictator Style, on the lifestyle of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos