2 Bit Parts, Part 3

by The Editor


My courage is a whisper,

My conviction comes and goes,

My love does not move mountains,

I’m consumed by human lows…

I’m clumsy with my blessings,

I stumble through my chores,

My virtue is not spotless,

My only glory’s yours.

When the landscape seems uncertain;

Full of snares and sin,

My eyes lose sight of sunlight

My faith is sometimes thin…

Still I rise each day with purpose;

Share gifts that I possess,

greet each stranger with a smile,

Meet hate with tenderness.

I try to choose the right from wrong;

Resist boasts when I speak,

I try to walk a steady path,

Though at times my will is weak.

I try to lead with goodness

When the choice is mine to make,

I try to hold a humble heart

And give more than I take.

I lift my eyes towards the stars

When I don’t know who I am,

For the strength to be a lion

And the grace to be a lamb…

Inhaling breeze in times of pain,

when my heart is dark with doubt,

I feel some universal love

and breath the sorrow out

The oceans flow beneath my feet,

The forests creak and sway,

the mountains tower around my ears,

the fields sag low with hay,

Behind the doors,

Inside the walls,

Below the windows,

Down the halls…

We feed our children and tuck them in,

We share our sacred lives,

We hold our husbands in our beds

We caress our precious wives,

We steal our private moments,

We confess our secret woes,

We do the daily living

And the worldly loving flows…

By Me (KVR)