Return Of The Great Gatsby

by The Editor

A musty haze drifts through the great hall as Daisy and Jay sip scotch from high ball glasses in the library. Daisy giggles as she double jumps one black wooden disk across the board… “King me!” she chirps. Jay flashes a sly smile as he replaces the tea sandwich on its doily and passes her another checker. A sultry toon wafts in from the garden through an open window. Jay glances at his watch, counting back the hours until the guests begin to arrive. Outside the staff is busy arranging settings from antique silver, china and lace tablecloths. The band tunes up as maids string yards of tiny white lights. ‘Just time for a leisurely dip in the pool before draping on our  party bests…’ he thinks deviously.


Magazine: Vogue, April 2010, Brazil

Models: Renata Sozzi, Sally Menezes, Camila Mingori

Photography: Bob Wolfenson