‘Womanly Wiles’ | Alice Eve For GQ | June 2010

by The Editor

I would like to re-frame the old adage ‘If you got it, flaunt it!’ to be more of a ‘Ya got it, so enjoy it!’. I would never encourage a woman to use her sexuality to get the things she wants…but I would encourage EVERY woman to embrace and enjoy her femininity. Give yourself time to do the things that make your femininity feel sacred and sensual. It’s a huge part of self-image, body image and self love…so when you honor that part of your life, everyone around you benefits from the whole-r happier you! Chocolate-check, Lingerie-check, Bubble baths-check, Cooking dinner naked while sipping red wine-check check check!!! You don’t need someone else in your life to make you feel like a goddess, when you can do that for yourself. I think ladies today forget that, or just plain don’t think they ARE a goddess. I’ll let you in on a secret – if you’ve got the lady parts…you are;)
Magazine: GQ – June 2010  United States
Model: Alice Eve