Let Me Tell You A Love Story… Or Just A Story

by The Editor

                     There is a girl. She likes peonies and soft blankets. She lives in a small apartment with a hedgehog and a nook. She goes to a deli every few days to buy two Parisian macaroons… One day she decides that she will buy a sandwich instead (although they are a tad over priced) because that day its brisk out, and meat sounds so delicious. She writes the order on a small sheet: turkey, no cheese, light mayo, lettuce, tomato, wheat baguette. She hands said sandwich order to the sandwich boy behind the counter. Sandwich boy says ‘pay in front’, glances up…smiles…(pause). Sandwich boy is dashing. He has captivating eyes.
                 Girl goes to the front where she stands in line to pay for meat sandwich and two Parisian macaroons. When girl gets to the front of the line, boy has dashed across the store to ring her up. Girl feels flush. Sandwich boy crosses off her name and offers her cookies ‘on the house’. Girl accepts. Girl retrieves sandwich and starts towards the door. She gazes back, he wishes her a nice day. She stumbles out.
                    She hates to leave. She spends lunch smiling and staring out the window.
                    By the next day, girl’s family makes plans. They will meet for food and drinks. Chuckling to herself, girl suggests a nice deli she knows. Everyone agrees. They meet at the deli. They sit at a center table. Girl talks distractedly; she darts glances around the room. Sandwich boy is nowhere to be seen. Just when it seems that all hope is lost…sandwich boy ARRIVES!!! He strolls in, selects a bottle of wine from the back of the store and passes quickly through the check out. He says hello to coworkers, chats a bit. He is clearly off work and not staying. Girl follows him with her eyes, willing him to notice her. As he heads for the door he looks up, at the last moment he meets her eyes. “Hi K—” he says, smiles.
                      Well, seems sandwich boy remembered girl too; and not just ‘turkey, no cheese, light mayo, lettuce, tomato, wheat baguette’…but ‘K—‘. Curious…
Will there be more?
There will be more…