Ashley Smith For TUSH Magazine, Fall 2010

by The Editor

Badass model Ashley Smith has simply blown up over the last several seasons in the fashion world; as I’m sure many of us had the suspicion that she would…With her quirky looks, rough blond hair, itty bitty body and ridiculously large , um, assets (breasts) this girl has been grabbing serious attention from the time her Chadwick Taylor images surfaced. In this series she relaxes into her comfort zone for the fall edition of Tush Magazine, 2010. This time, it’s the talented Anne Combaz that had the pleasure of bringing out Ashley’s edge. Guided by Seb Bascle’s artistic vision, Ashley  sports ripped tees, high fashion accessories and seriously bad girl leather. The series was edited by Laurent Dombrowicz, and can’t help but inspire a bit of the inner rebel in each of us. In true American fashion ‘Wheel of Love’ upholds the values of freedom and the pursuit of happiness!