The Big Bang Theory: Marchesa

by The Editor

As many of you have probably noticed, I very rarely post the endless runway image series that you see on so many blogs and fashion sites around fashion week time. Once in a blue moon I will post a collection that I want to live in…but for the most part, ‘fashion’ is so much more than just this one element (the clothes) to me.

The fashion world I chose to live in; the one that I personally find so inspiring; requires so many more vital elements to create a true fashion heartbeat. I think the obligation of the industry is not only to produce nice clothes but also to provide inspired art direction, expert photography, natural beauty ( human, earthly and still life), mood, moving energy, escapism, social commentary, human interaction, and experiments in the diverse potential of sexuality, etc., etc., etc… I seek these elements out in everything I post; in the hopes that people who don’t have their own emotional relationship with fashion, will see something inspiring and feel that stirring within themselves for the first time. Likewise, I hope that people much like myself, who so dearly love the fashion high, but occasionally lose faith in the entire industry and the potential of the medium itself…may see something revolutionary and feel their faith restored.

It’s such a relief after a long month of combing the magazines and blogs with a puzzled (sometimes disgusted) look on my face, to flip a page and suddenly feel transported. ‘Something new! Something beautiful! Something…not weird!!!’ Haha. Glee, is the only word to describe it.

Well ladies and gentlemen, after that fairly involved diatribe…forget all that!

For the first time, in a long time, I’m sliding out of my chair….over ‘just clothes’!!! Holy Mother Mary… I have no idea what she looks like, but I’m pretty sure I know what she’d wear: Marchesa Spring 2011 Collection:

Exquisite, inventive, original, and absolutely beautiful…each peice is a meticulous work of art in and of itself. Not only are the gowns dreamy, but the each contain highly sophisticated architecture. Although the theme of the line is obviously over the top enchanting, the design team never cops out by repeating fabrics, patterns or silhouettes. There appears to be a years worth of craftsmanship in every piece. I’m sure we will see many celebrity debuts on the Red Carpet next year.


Dear me, the textures, the embellishments, the SHOES!!! Ok, look on and lust away! Xo,


 And I wanted to include these lovely show captures by Michael Donovan, (also from Marchesa 2011 Spring RTW show)…Enjoy!