Doppelganger | Sigrid Agren By Anthony Maule For Pop Magazine | Fall-Wint 2011 UK

by The Editor


Oh gosh, I don’t know what I think yet about this new darker hair style. I am a bit sad to see her looking less impish and more severe. She is sooo thin that severe isn’t really a good look for her. I like the shoot. But I loved the long blond so much better! Why do the agencies see a beautiful blond with long hair and decide the need to give her an ‘edge’!? I don’t think that was the right choice in this case. It’s funny because when I went to interview at ELITE, they said ‘We just signed two blonds today…bad timing’, I personally don’t really get that thinking, but I suppose that if anyone should know what they’re talking about, it’s them. Anyways, I think Sigrid was getting plenty of work as a blond, but maybe her agency thought they could put her into her own niche by making the drastic change. Judge for yourself: