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Month: March, 2012

Izabel Goulart By Nico For Harper’s Bazaar Espana | April 2012

Karolina Mrozkova By Jacob Sadrak | May 2012

Mirte Maas By Daniel Jackson For Harper’s Bazaar | April 2011

The Love Of Billy Kidd And Heather Huey | 2012

This project was quoted from

“Our Project is about the human body and fashion, told in blatantly frank, erotic, and beautiful images, between an artist and his lover.

A love story…

It begins with a milliner from New York and a photographer from Phoenix, Arizona.  

Heather’s story: I grew up in New York, a shy academic who veered off course to study art in college, which led to a major in architecture.  By the time I graduated [summa cum laude] from Fordham University, I didn’t know where my happiness lay but I knew it wasn’t in architecture.  After several millinery classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I left to start my eponymous brand…too naive and inexperienced to fully grasp the struggle ahead.  

Seven years later, I’m still surprised that a socially awkward, reclusive girl could make a name for herself based solely on her work and word of mouth by those who believed in her enough to speak the words she herself could never give voice to.  This small homegrown label would expand to not only be known for a varied range of headpieces, but for body cages that have been photographed in Vogue Italia, Interview, Vogue Korea, Vogue China, V, etc.

Despite the professional accolades, I still maintain a quiet existence; happiest working in my studio.  Since being with Billy, he has drawn me outside of my private little bubble to show a beauty that he sees in me that I never believed I possessed.  

Billy’s story: I grew up in Phoenix, AZ after my family moved from Panama City, FL when I was 6. I’ll skip over the many adventures and jump straight to what I think is important here.  I moved to New York in 2010 with the goal of assisting Irving Penn, unfortunately a month after getting here he passed away, so I had to go out on my own and start my career.

Since meeting Heather, she has helped me evolve into an artist; following my instincts to make what feels right, to allow the process to be organic and create what is already there.

Billy+Heather’s story: Billy shot Heather’s work months before they would actually meet.  And they would start dating months after they met.  And since that first fateful date over a year and a half ago, they have supported and elevated each-others individual pursuits with the addition of their collaborative projects…like this one”  

‘Shades Of Summer’ | Lyoka Tyagnereva, Bekah Jenkins And Vanessa Milde By Alex Freund | April 2012

I think this entire editorial is perfection. Looks like Alex might be the new wave David Hamilton…

Soo Joo By Anouk Morgan | 2012

Kinga Rajzak And Saskia De Brauw By Solve Sundsbo For Vogue Japan | March 2012

Magdalena Frackowiak By Claudia Knoepful And Stefan Indlekofer For Vogue Russia | April 2012

Candice Swanepoel By Mario Sorrenti For Vogue Italia | March 2012

Emily Baker By Daniel Jackson For Harper’s Bazaar USA | April 2012

As studio editorials go, Emily baker never disappoints! She has a strength in her gaze that many models spend an entire career perfecting. While Emily has been fairly selective about the work she books, I have a feeling we could see a resurgence in her career in the next several years that could have her working as one of the highest paid models in the industry (ala Gisele). Besides being virtually flawless, Emily manages a diversity in her work that has been paralleled by many other talents out there. In the up-coming issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Emily paired with Daniel Jackson once again to bring us a cool delivery of the seasons hottest day-to-night-wear. If your feeling bold today, take a page from Emily and throw on a straight silhouette for a kick of power in you pants!