‘Water Sign’ | Jessiann Gravel Beland By Shot Luis Monteiro For Vogue Magazine | May 2012

by The Editor

c6cd3389bf5d3ea2ac01213d1f479576luis_monteiro_photography_vogue_india_mermaid_8luis_monteiro_photography_vogue_india_mermaid_2luis_monteiro_photography_vogue_india_mermaid_1luis_monteiro_photography_vogue_india_mermaid_5luis_monteiro_photography_vogue_india_mermaid_3luis_monteiro_photography_vogue_india_mermaid_609690ae4058354229219534f14702031luis_monteiro_photography_vogue_india_mermaid_13Luis Monteiro and under-water shots by Sumer Verma And Umeed Mistry, the team manages to create an exotic wonderland in which mermaids walk on land. The wardrobe is decadent and overwhelming in keeping with the breath taking scenery (God forbid the background out-shine the fashion after all!) All in all, I would call this a favorite 😉