‘Swingers Party’ | Diora Baird By Stephanie Vovas For Treats! Magazine #3 | Summer 2012 (+18)

by The Editor

Treats! Magazine (now on it’s third issue) has always towed the fine line between fashion and pornography. Chalk full of nudity, Treats! is not the average fashion magazine for all audiences. While they employ some of the most tasteful and artistic photographers in the bizz, Treats! strives time and again to produce a publication which can be considered little less that ‘eye candy’ for the liberal minded adult. On the pages of this glossy, you see happy, healthy women; enjoying themselves playfully, rather than stiff, plastic porn stars posed in demeaning scenarios...Truly a pioneer in the industry, Treats! Magazine has produced a beautiful and tasteful third issue, including the editorial ‘Swingers Party’; inspired by classic shoots straight from the pages of vintage playboys.