‘Earth Angel’ | Ievgeniia Bashura By Laura-Lynn Petrick | June 2012

by The Editor

As if blended equal parts Erin Wasson and Frankie Ryder, Ievgeniia Bashura projects a hauntingly old soul as she basks around on a sunny afternoon with photographer Laura-Lynn Petrick. The quintessential summer shoot, ‘Earth Angel’ conjures an effortless vibe of cool new (and used) threads, playful friends and taking some risks (fashion included guys!). Enjoy!

Photographer: Laura-Lynn Petrick /

Muse: Ievgeniia Bashura (Spot6) /

Stylist: Chris Koyionis /

Clothes: Penny Arcade Vintage /

Camera: Yashica Fx 3 Super 2000 Film: fujifilm 200 iso