Elin Amos By Tatiana Leshkina For Ava Catherside | Summer 2012

by The Editor

“Designing edgy and structured sportswear, non gender specific fashion label Ava Catherside investigates the science of imaginary solutions using environmentally friendly materials.Exploring the metaphor of an object through raw concepts and experimental design techniques, Ava Catherside is the London based label curated by friends and dedicated followers of fashion Veronica Todisco and Anna Gloria Flores. Stripping every garment in each collection of details and finishing, the creative duo behind the label focus upon contrasting basic fabrics and exploring the way textures work with bodily movements to create the illusion of a second skin. Creating their clothes using a luxurious refined synthetic sued (Alcantara®), developed in the early 1970′s by Japanese scientist Miyoshi Okamoto, all materials the girls work with are certified by TUV to be 100% carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. Ava’s aesthetic is sharp and finite, constructed with intent and designed for impact. Describing their label as “a progressive mutational research”, Anna and Veronica’s ambitions lie first in expanding their own capabilities, second in the fashion world’s horizons. This is uniform clothing for open minded individuals. i-D online took some time out with friend and photographer Tatiana Leshkina on the shoot of the label’s lookbook to watch the magic happen!” (-Text: Milly McMahon).

Photography: Tatiana Leshkina

Styling: Lorenzo Posocco

Artwork/graphics: Fausto Fantinuoli

Hair: Mari Ohashi

Make up: Lucy Bridge

Model: Elin Amos @ Profile