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Shame On ELITE

A former winner of the television show ” Holland’s Next Top Model” has won a lawsuit against Elite models after she was dropped for having hips the agency claimed were too large. The Amsterdam District Court has ruled that Ananda Marchildon, now 25, was entitled to the main prize she won in the 2008 production ‘Holland’s Next Top Model’, a 3-year contract worth 75,000 euros. Miss Marchildon argued she was dismissed after only 10,000 euros worth of work because she did not lose enough weight to please the Elite modelling agency. According to the ruling, though Marchildon had gained weight since getting the contract, she had a hip measurement of about 36.2 inches when she won, and Elite could not demand that she go down to about 35.4 inches. At a US size 2, that is smaller than the average woman’s but not unusual in the modeling world.

Elite spokesman Rita Camelli in Milan, Italy, said the agency was considering its options. “Of course we are pretty disappointed” in the ruling, she said. “We felt we were in the right.” Camelli declined to discuss details of Elite’s position. The published ruling included an email exchange between the 5 foot, 11 inch model and a representative of Elite in the Netherlands whose name was redacted. “We agreed that you would come by us every two weeks for an evaluation, how it’s going with your diet and exercise and losing weight. We’re going to keep measuring you,” the Elite representative wrote. “Today, March 23 2010, we measured your hips at 98 centimeters. This is a reminder! The goal is that you have a hip circumference of no more than 90 centimeters at the end of June.” Miss Marchildon responded that she would regain her former shape, and not more. “If at the end of the road it appears that unfortunately not enough assignments have come in, that doesn’t change the obligations of the contract,” she wrote. The model and agency parted ways in September and Miss Marchildon is now a carpenter. The court awarded her around 65,000 euros in damages, plus interest and legal fees. The fashion industry has often faced criticism for creating unrealistic expectations about women’s bodies and forcing models to undergo harmful diets. Agencies say that they respond to the demands of clients, and ultimately customers: a model that doesn’t look right won’t get work…In the Netherlands, underwear company Sloggi hired Marchildon for a one-time shoot on Monday to show that she is still fit for modelling work. ‘It’s too crazy for words that a model who’s her size would be written off as too fat,’ said spokesman Monica van Alewijn, who added that Marchildon is thinner today than most models the company uses. ‘She’s just a beautiful woman, and for heaven’s sake she shouldn’t starve herself,’ the spokesman said.

Isreal Breaking New Ground

“Israel passed a law on march 19th that bans the use of underweight models in local ads and publications. It marks the first attempt by any government to tackle the fashion industry’s connection to the growing rate of eating disorders, the AP is reporting. According to the new bill, models attending castings must now bring medical documentation from the past three months proving they have a BMI of at least 18.5—below which the World Health Organization deems you officially malnourished. So, for example, a woman who is 5-foot-8 should weigh no less than 119 pounds. As a point of reference, Kate Moss has a BMI of around 17 whereas Naomi Campbell’s is a shocking 16.5. Well, looks like those two can officially say goodbye to an Israeli ad campaign.” (Source)

“We want to break the illusion that the model we see is real,” said Liad Gil-Har, assistant to politician Dr. Rachel Adato, a supporter of the new law.

Take a good look…Let’s all stop comparing ourselves to a standard of beauty which The World Health Organization deems ‘malnourished‘!

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Make-Up: Tina Schmoll