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Month: October, 2012

“What’s Contemporary” | Sigrid Agren, Toni Garrn, Frida Gustavsson And Others By Patrick And Victor Demarchelier | November 2012

“Timeless is a word we all use, and one we often bear in mind with focused intention when creating images today. Despite the ubiquity of the concept of timelessness, to successfully achieve such magic is a feat very few can accomplish, much less accomplish time after time. The name Demarchelier hangs like an iconic banner of such imagery over the pages of countless magazines and endless advertising campaigns today and through decades past. As contemporary is frequently defined as ‘A person or thing living or existing at the same time as another,’ we thought it would be an incredible concept to invite the Demarcheliers of two different generations to present together their idea of contemporary as it exists in our time. Rather than interpret the same subject from contrasting generational points of view, Patrick and Victor found it more interesting to come together and create images that, for them, represent a timeless and classic aesthetic that has always been, and will forever be, contemporary. Selecting six of the most stunning models of our time as their subject matter, they have successfully created the most epic moment ever created for an online platform, proving that the quality of content is in no way dependent on the platform through which it is experienced.
Epic, timeless and classic, ContemporaryIS Patrick & Victor Demarchelier.

In response to the question of What’s Contemporary, you and Patrick chose to create these images together rather than run your separate perspectives of the same subject in a parallel contrast. How did you come to the decision to do it this way?

PD: We love to work together.

VD: I thought it would be fun to work together on this. We are both contemporary, and I wanted to show that, with the generation gap, we could still create images that appealed to both of us.

You were both very specific about the casting on this. What was it about these girls in particular that you held to be so contemporary and accurate as a response for this subject?

PD: I like them all. These are interesting girls we work with regularly.

VD: We wanted to shoot the sexiest and most beautiful girls around.

So many people feel the pressure to create new ideas with each and every passing year, yet you guys chose to create images of a timeless nature. Why?

PD: We don’t feel the pressure. We like to work in an instinctive way.

VD: I find most ideas for shoots terribly repetitive and vain. A beautiful girl shot in a beautiful light never gets old. Fashion is always changing, but I don’t think that our idea of beauty is changing as quickly. Fashion is always changing, but beauty is timeless.

How important is the role of the fashion in your pictures?

PD: We work in fashion, so, of course, the fashion is important, but the team you work with and everyone around you is equally important.

VD: Fashion is essential to our work. You cannot make a pretty picture with ugly fashion, but it’s the people who wear these clothes that make them especially interesting.

This is not the first project you have worked on together. Do you often get requested to work on projects together?

VD: Sometimes, but we prefer to work together on our own terms.

This timeless Demarchelier aesthetic is one that stands not only the test of time, but also equally challenges the common imagery of today the same way it has in years past. What do you think makes a photograph timeless?

PD: Style comes naturally. When I work, I don’t think about my style, just about the pictures I am taking.

VD: You cannot create a style. Your style, what you like, is who you are. I think the best quality a work of art can have is timelessness. I think there is an ease to our style — a natural, organic process that defines us.

Not to over-intellectualize or demystify these incredible images, but what lead to the choice of nudity for this series?

VD: We wanted the focus to be on our idea of beauty. Keeping the girls as natural as possible — minimal hair, makeup and styling was important to the process.

PD: I wanted to let the girls express themselves and not have the clothes take over.

Discussing the subject of contemporary, both as it is in culture, but more specifically to fashion, it seems that many are deferring back to wanting to create content of a timeless nature, in an effort to avoid the commonly used current aesthetic that will no doubt be recognizably of this time in years to come, and much more ‘throw away.’ In theory, this is great. However, not everyone is able to create this kind of image. From the point of view of photographers, what do you think about the direction and nature of fashion imagery most commonly created today?

PD: There is no “style” today. Everyone has a different style.”

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Photography Patrick Demarchelier
Photography Victor Demarchelier (Paris/New York: Management + Artists)
Stylist William Graper
Editor Christopher Michael / What’s Contemporary
Introduction and Q&A by Christopher Michael
Hair Teddy Charles @ Art & Commerce
Makeup Fulvia Farolfi @ Bryan Bantry
Stylist assistants: Mollie Maguire, Mel Eligon


Sigrid Agren @ Ford
Toni Garrn @ Women
Frida Gustavsson @IMG
Constance Jablonski @ Marilyn
Jac Jagaciak @ IMG
Liu Wen @ Marilyn

‘Ainsi Soit Style’ | Julia Stegner By Philip Gay For Elle France | October 2012

Julia Stegner is back!!! In A BIG way! I swear, this woman has not aged a day in the last 12 years of her modeling career. Somehow she remains fresh, bright and vibrant; seemingly never tiring. In the past year, we haven’t seen as much of her as we are used to seeing, but I am happy to see her bursting with joy, page after page in the October edition of . She is truly enchanting….and I suppose that is the only feature I consider a necessity for a model 😉 After all, you hope they have the ability to command emotion, much like and actor. You want your clothes to express you, to tell a story…well, the model (and please don’t think I mean the model alone. The team is equally essential, the photographer, the stylists, the artists, the assistants, the directors, the producers, etc.) tells that story with the help of the team; each one bares the same responsibility to contribute mastery. If any one element is missing, the whole shoot can be a bust. There is nothing that breaks my heart more than to see one of my favorite models in a piece that is either beneath her (the skill and experience she is contributing) or just plain horrid! You know it happens, you know you’ve seen it; and I understand that work is work, but it seems like a waste to me :/

I digress, Julia Is light as a summer’s day in this story. They have her in everything from ‘fresh and preppy’ to ‘retro and edgy’, and as always, she makes every look work.  was the perfect pairing for this seasonally transitioning fashion story. Many of the looks are easily modifiable, given a late summer sizzle or an unexpected autumn thunderstorm. I think the concept is; have fun, get creative. Enjoy!

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Edits By: The Libertine

‘Under The Influence’ | Elise Crombez By Annemarieke van Drimmelen For Rika Magazine | Fall 2012

Stylist: Emily Shannon

Via: sectile

’18+ Only’ | Sessilee Lopez By Mark Seliger For Treats Magazine #4 | October 2012

Model: Sessilee Lopez
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Stylist: Vanessa Geldbach
Hair: Peter Butler
Makeup: Robert Greene
 Designers: Ann Demeulemeester, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Anndra Neen, Anaikka, Zena Khan, Kiki de Montparnasse, Swinda

‘Indian Summer’ | Alyssa Miller By David Burton For Elle Magazine | October 2012

‘The Bigger, The Better’ | Malgosia Bela By Karim Sadli For The Gentlewoman | Fall 2012


Ondria Hardin, Dorte Limkilde And Carrie Anne Burton By Nan Goldin For Grey Magazine | Winter 2012

Photography: Nan Goldin
Stylist: Valentina Ilardi Martin
Models: Ondria Hardin, Dorte Limkilde, Carrie Anne Burton

Bianca Balti By Manuela Pavesi For Grey Magazine | Winter 2012

Stylist: Moreno Galatà

Dree Hemingway By Cass Bird For Muse Magazine #31 | Fall 2012

Agencies: ,

‘Heavenly Dancers’ | Amber Scott, Sarah Thompson And Others By Will Davidson For Vogue Australia | November 2012

Dancers: Amber Scott, Amy Harris, Christopher Rodgers-Wilson, Sarah Thompson, Adam Bull, Halaina Hills, Jake Mangakahia,Ty King-Wall
Styling: Jillian Davidson