‘Stone Washed’ | EXCLUSIVE | Marie Sander By Jesper Lindstrom For The Libertine | The Summer Session | 2013

by The Editor

The Libertine Magazine. 'Stone Washed' . Exclusive. Marie Sander By Jesper Lindstrom For The Libertine. The Summer Session. 2013. 1

The Libertine brings you a new collaboration from photographer Jesper Lindstrom. The editorial, entitled ‘Stone Washed’ is a clean cut and fresh fashion story exploring themes of escapism. Featuring sweet toe-headed model Marie Sander as she sports simple, classic looks and clean lines; the story is set against the backdrop of a deserted concrete sanctuary, where style meets the sky. Truly refreshing and inspiring, Jesper’s work leaves you anxiously awaiting more. Enjoy!

Jesper_Lindstrom_Marie_Sander_001 Jesper_Lindstrom_Marie_Sander_002 Jesper_Lindstrom_Marie_Sander_003 Jesper_Lindstrom_Marie_Sander_004 Jesper_Lindstrom_Marie_Sander_005 Jesper_Lindstrom_Marie_Sander_006