SNEAK PEEK: ‘Roots And Wings’ | Roos Vughts By Dave Fransen For Satiety Paper #2 | The Fall Flight 2014

'Roots And Wings' . Roos Vughts By Dave Fransen For Satiety Paper #2 .The Fall Flight 2014. Cover. 1Glowing purity and innocence are what make the intriguing charm of this editorial so divine! Photographer Dave Fransen is a master of actualizing whimsical portrayals of sanguine nymphets; unaffected by any pretension. Casting youthfully fresh face, Roos Vughts, Dave created a sweet and simple series that harkens back to the photography of the 60’s; when the most coveted portraiture was that  of a more natural aesthetic, and unadorned luster, laid bare. ‘Roots and Wings’, the newest story to extend our second edition of Satiety Paper, brings all of those qualities for a nostalgic rendition of  pristine reverie. Completely taken in by the unveiled allure of the subject and the setting, Satiety Paper is pleased to entreat our readers to the same ambrosial experience HERE. Enjoy!