Spotlight On David Hamilton

by The Editor

His controversial career may have divided many peoples opinions as to the artistic validity of his vision, as opposed to subjugation and objectification of young women and girls. Often shooting over seas where laws about minor consent are different or absent, David has been featured in galleries and art museums; then taken down; then reinstalled; and even at different times the subject of legal investigations. Whether you find his work beautiful and moving, or sexualized and disturbing…it seems most people have a strong reaction of one kind or another. Here you will find featured some of his more conservative portraiture (only containing nudity in instances of available verification of the models age at time of consent) and several of the images have been edited or cropped to protect the models’ privacy. With as much of a stir as his work has caused in the past, it’s undeniable that his fascination with female (emotional and sexual) development has laid the foundation for a whole host of other artists and photographers to explore the subject in their own work. In this way, Hamilton’s career has innovated a new style of expression, that could conservatively be called a genre. Decide for yourself if you love or loath…

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