“One Size Fits All”

by The Editor

Magazine: V MAGAZINE, January, 2010
Models: Crystal Renn, Jacquelyn Jablonski
Stylist: Mel Ottenberg
Photography: Terry Richardson

Ok so, I don’t LOOOOOOOOOVE everything that Terry Richardson shoots…but in this case, I could not agree more!!! Two gorgeous women of very different shapes and sizes, both looking smashing in this series of bold outfits, is the perfect way to bridge the gap between the industry and it’s customers. I like the idea of marketing being based on making every woman feel beautiful and unique; rather than making every woman who doesn’t fit the model cookie cutter feel disgusting, and in need of expensive crap to cover up.  I understand the tactic that “consumers” need something to aspire to or they won’t buy buy buy. But couldn’t we still indulge in fashion because it celebrates our bodies and our personalities rather than making up for them? I think we could. That is to say, I think that we ALL could… As I personally already feel blessed to be me. Great fitting, feeling, looking cloths are a joy and a treat…but really nothing more that spice, condiments, garnish… Take it all away and I bet ya, both this babes look stunning naked. Just sayin’… 😉