Fresh Energy | Olivia Jones, Katie Moore, Jessica Picton Warlow, Zouye and Others By Jai Odell

by The Editor

jess-2jess-1jees-pwzuoye-1zuoye-3zuoye-2olivia-2olivia-1olivia-3londone-myerslondone-myers2katie-moore-1katie-moore-3katie-moore-2Article By Anna Griggs
Every season hundreds of models take their shot at New York, London, Milan, and Paris, hoping to make a mark. Only a few really break through, and when they do, they’re often transformed into creatures no one at home in Stockholm or St. Louis would recognize. But here, Jai Odell has captured fashion’s freshest with an eye to letting their individuality shine. From raw to refined, each model’s personality takes center stage. Unselfconscious, unrehearsed, and unedited: this is YOUTH.
Photographer: Jai Odell
Styling: Katelyn Gray
Creative Director: Alexei Key
Casting Director: Amy Lowles
Make-up Deanna: Melluso & Jen Myles
Hair: Takashi Yusa
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