Everyone Is In Love With Marine Vacth

by The Editor

This serafin defies age, culture and style itself with her breath taking beauty. Piercing eyes and a cherubic pout lend a certain timelessness to the strength of her frame and features. She is equal parts innocent girlhood and worldly womanhood; which makes it endlessly fascinating to watch her work. Outside of her captivating beauty and well established acting prowess, she has one of the most polished personal styles I’ve ever witnessed in the fashion community. Leaning towards classical pairings and grooming androgyny, Marine never fails to leave a lasting impression. Here I have compiled a short collection of some of my favorite captures and public moments of hers.

Her name, Marine, seems to perfectly describe a woman with depths as profound as the oceans. Enjoy!

14272246_697384107082120_2145899243_nVariety Studio At Chivas House - Day 2 - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival740full-marine-vacth2marine-vacth-168869472_10_generic_largele-cv-mode-de-la-mysterieuse-actrice-de-jeune-et-jolie-marine-vacth-son-total-look-noir-paul-schmidt-525831630marine-vacth-vogue-22nov13-rex_4-cannes-french-vs-american-beautymarine-vacth-168957733_10_generic_largeL8Crt3nphod696b60a-edf1-11e6-b845-d5fd230b55a8-1200x1500jpge177953a009aeb342713ebd74904fd31France - 'Jeune & Jolie' Premiere - 66th Cannes International Film FestivalCannes+2013+Young+Beautiful+Premiere+6kkSO2uz7LRxFrederic+Pierrot+Geraldine+Pailhas+Francois+-00mkYoJVeTxmarine-vacth-109099252_10_generic_largeMarine-Vacth-81951375-marine-vacth-enregistrement-de-950x0-1diaporamaphoto-abaca413413001marine_vacth816full-marine-vacth.jpgfoto-marine-vacth-en-joven-y-bonitaMarine_Vacth_002VACTH-Marine-8-copie