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‘Man In Paris’ | Ize By Backyard Bill | 2017

I still love Backyard Bill. His work is so exquisite. There’s lots of great stuff over on his blog that you should check out. I wish I could share all of it. I picked my favorite set out of his new work…the accompanying article is also via his site. Enjoy!


Where did you grow up? 

I was born in Cape Verde but moved to Paris when I was 9 years old.

Where do you live? 

I live in Belleville, an area in Paris that is known for its cultural mix.  You can discover foods from all over the world there: Chinese, Lebanese, French and many parts of Africa! For me, Belleville is more than just a neighborhood, it’s a city within a city.

Tell us bit about Comptoir General and what you do? 

Comptoir Général is one of those places you say “you must visit to understand it!”  You can come here to eat, drink, dance, shop clothes and other items or just have a coffee. This is a place where all types of exotic cultures meet and create a dynamic atmosphere that is hard to describe. I manage the store, also known as Marché Noir and I’m also an ambassador for Comptoir Général.


Who is your style icon? 

Ozwald Boateng, Yves Sait-Laurent and Olivier Rousteing

Three items of clothing you could not live without? 

Hat, trench coat and French blue worker clothing (vintage)

What’s your personal soundtrack? 

Marvin Gay’s “What’s going on” for me, is what Mozart is for others.


What does style mean to you? 

Style for me is a reflection of my personality, a part of my truth and honesty is that which I find in clothing.

If you could meet any person in the world, who would that be? 

He is no longer with us but I would like to meet Nelson Mandela because he ones said : “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”


Favorite color? 


Favorite food/ restaurant? 

My favorite restaurant in Paris is a Cape Verdien placed called “Chez Celeste”.

What would you like to be when you grow up? 

I would like to be a writer, words fly away but the writings still remains.


‘A Lifetime In White Underpants’ | Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer | 1974-2014

“Lucy Hilmer photographs herself every year on her birthday, April 22nd, wearing nothing but her white Lollipop underpants, shoes and socks. She’s been doing this for 40 years, since her 29th birthday. In 2015, she will be 70…revealing how a woman who came of age before women’s lib used her camera to peel off society’s “pretty girl ” label and define herself from the inside out.” – Quoted from

14851586575_4bc30360b6_b14664902160_50500089c0_b14851586555_0a60d8f466_bLucy Hilmer14871476323_c86695735c_b14665056447_02f0cd2d63_b14871476243_b80324da09_b14871476203_b0e0ea5635_b14851586215_679e4c3edc_b14664969918_a06454901e_bBirthday Suit Age 47 April 22, 1992.On The Libertine. 'A Lifetime In White Underpants' .Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer .1974-2014. 2On The Libertine. 'A Lifetime In White Underpants' .Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer .1974-2014. 314851259862_e600b0d48d_b14851259692_a8bc2cc06d_b14851259682_7da38b7d7d_b14664901710_260da6f0e7_b14664969708_46be49b521_b14664901580_42736e0636_b14851585705_a9647eb55a_b

Love, Love, Love

“I want a soul mate who can sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things I don’t already know, and make me laugh. I don’t care what you look like, just turn me on. And if you can do that, I will follow you on bloody stumps through the snow. I will nibble your mukluks with my own teeth. I will do your windows. I will care about your feelings. Just have something in there.”
― Henry Rollins

 tumblr_myaddsu4MY1sfqc3zo1_5006629010369_0d30f9efd2_oelise-crombez-russia-87tumblr_l0b2e9B0241qzx5i0o1_4003amanda-wellsh-and-rj-king-by-sebastian-faena-for-porter-magazine-8-summer-2015www_flickr_com_photos_x_sossa_1tumblr_mxvqw7Vvf11rp4397o1_500fire . - www_flickr_com_photos_x_sossa_1_playgroundlover_2love-couple-hd-wallpaper-for-desktop-1_yll parisienne_15617244731_d42c658dda_otumblr_miw7zhPwtw1rsz8uso1_1280_marie edwards_1201211tumblr_m5f51iQ7sA1r69nx3o1_1280402OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA26312316www_flickr_com_photos_x_sossa_3tumblr_n80ww3T4Mm1qmjfljo1_1280www_flickr_com_photos_x_sossa_216633244338_0df7aa5fe3_b8405201586_ebc2bafc41_o11934348465_5f154febf6_otumblr_nd90qjkC981qgxhkho1_1280tumblr_nl06e4wvi91rffxsno1_12805018880393919_e0cc6bc5c9_o5292734223_5f3ba4c8b5_o5818635886_213cb349bc_o8607009293_0a7d46a7dd_o_playgroundlover_1a90cfe05a6aa5748c6cb4dee58a12a32cc2cd3f4_mtumblr_n7to5weJI11shetito1_1280tumblr_nkv72aIYQ31qz6f9yo7_1280 11689244775_4921a466a1_otumblr_me7x9cVEP41rzbireo1_500_an_pena_1pierre_1026_770_resize_90tumblr_nkv72aIYQ31qz6f9yo1_1280LAST KISS . - www_flickr_com_photos_x_sossa_1tumblr_mei963tsaF1rsyukao1_1280tumblr_n7pjj3rzgu1rp4397o1_128016741935175_7dacf1aef2_btumblr_nkvagn4Tks1qz6f9yo4_1280photos_wessel_downloads_portfolio-1_181love-wallpaper-rain-1tumblr_nj65r30yf51su36zbo2_1280

I Wanted To Learn From The Best…But I Taught Them Instead

14515446681_cf69bd22f8_bCHARLES O'REARValeriy__Shchekoldin_-_TADZhIKISTAN2C_1991_pic020tumblr_n5kterfjuS1qa585uo1_1280tumblr_nb6mavxWHs1rret88o1_1280tumblr_nbtt3pzU5a1qfapvjo1_1280Roberta_Jane_Davies-01tumblr_mt81mioY3K1qcsy25o1_1280bits-and-pieces-23114577666953_1a1d938c07_btumblr_msnx267Nx11qm7agbo1_500

Spotlight On David Hamilton

His controversial career may have divided many peoples opinions as to the artistic validity of his vision, as opposed to subjugation and objectification of young women and girls. Often shooting over seas where laws about minor consent are different or absent, David has been featured in galleries and art museums; then taken down; then reinstalled; and even at different times the subject of legal investigations. Whether you find his work beautiful and moving, or sexualized and disturbing…it seems most people have a strong reaction of one kind or another. Here you will find featured some of his more conservative portraiture (only containing nudity in instances of available verification of the models age at time of consent) and several of the images have been edited or cropped to protect the models’ privacy. With as much of a stir as his work has caused in the past, it’s undeniable that his fascination with female (emotional and sexual) development has laid the foundation for a whole host of other artists and photographers to explore the subject in their own work. In this way, Hamilton’s career has innovated a new style of expression, that could conservatively be called a genre. Decide for yourself if you love or loath…

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Loving Armand Yerly

Armand Yerly, 1983, lives and works in Switzerland.
Graduated from ECAL (University of art and design) Lausanne in July 2012.
Winner of the Young talents photography award 2012.
 001_Armand_Yerly_ExhibitionThe Petting Machine

Successes congratulation device

003_Armand_Yerly_ExhibitionCheering up device for the most frustrated

004_Armand_Yerly_Exhibition The head crusher, or the Chinese method

‘Santaria’ | Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine | September 2014

'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014.'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014. 8'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014. 3'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014. 1'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014. 2'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014. 7'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014. 5'Santaria' . Rihanna By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott For W Magazine . September 2014. 6 Credits
Photographers: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Stylist: Edward Enninful
Designs: Dress by Donna Karan; Headdress by Ashley Lloyd; Ruby and diamond ear cuffs by Amrapali; Septum rings by Meadowlark and Rachel Boston; Sterling silver and pyrite necklace by Stephen Dweck; Skull choker by Lynn Ban; Cape by Alexander McQueen; Thigh-high boots by Marc Jacobs.
If you want to see the original story, check out W‘s website.
Images scrubbed by The Libertine

Between The Walls


Kinfolk_12_Life-on-Water-Italy-2 Kinfolk_12_Life-on-Water-Italy-5 Kinfolk_12_Life-on-Water-Italy-7SUMMER_ROYAL_ROMANCE_FOX-20 SUMMER_ROYAL_ROMANCE_FOX-21 Kinfolk_Sea_Harvest_Crabbing_-6  School in Nebaj  Solis Colomer Arquitectos Escuela en Nebaj  Solis Colomer Arquitectos  ArchDaily_905arctic-white-kitchen-connecticut-interior 79ideas_kitchen_and_dining_area doorsixteen_schoolhouse_fall2013Screen-Shot-2014-09-10-at-11.42.48-AM-660x3991204_t_cucina_atelier_04 loft-sun-roof Jelanie-blog-Plywood-home-with-a-touch-of-salmon-4 MLF13_SunsetRoom_00169 exposed-brick-loft Jelanie-Contemporary-family-home-in-Australia-Robson-Rak-Architects-1hilary-robertson-home_0932186_oland_7Jelanie-Contemporary-family-home-in-Australia-Robson-Rak-Architects-7Jelanie-blog-Plywood-home-with-a-touch-of-salmon-3eclectic-home-office08-brooklyn-parlor-floor06-brooklyn-parlor-floorFireShot Screen Capture #135 - 'All sizes I 18 I Flickr - Photo Sharing!' - www_flickr_com_photos_georgelazenby_6400153207_sizes_l_in_photostreamRM11014reformadas70_7gkangiehranowsky2KitchenStraightOn-0009The Libertine Magazine. White VTW wlw 28 nov 2012_07289Old-factory-in-Berlin-becomes-spacious-living-space-111 interiors - dustjacket atticJelanie-Contemporary-family-home-in-Australia-Robson-Rak-Architects-3Kitchen-Barbara Bestor-Remodelista-9700_charles-mellersch-enzo-mari-2mimdesign1jWL2Jelanie-Contemporary-family-home-in-Australia-Robson-Rak-Architects-92013-017_0228-1024x682residential-8-wick designIMG_1977fantasticfrank torsgatan7WL1PageImage-509188-3392581-dining_roomOld-factory-in-Berlin-becomes-spacious-living-space-9Benjamin Graindorgelit 2

I Carry Your Heart, I Carry It In My Heart

 To humanity…everyone, everywhereHomo Ludens 9 Homo Ludens 7 Homo Ludens 6 Homo Ludens 4 Homo Ludens 2 Homo Ludens 1 Homo Ludens14047132395_108b55b07e_b Dinka Tribesmen, Sudan, 2003 by RANDY OLSON DAVID DOUBILET CHRIS JOHNS 14062614959_9aaa3e477e_b 14204498957_81a58620b1_b tumblr_nd7sypikF81toac8co1_1280 26_ericlvm3tumblr_msnekpx3DL1rza5u1o1_1280 100Years Dora Biotope CardinalCapture d’écran 2014-06-03 à 21.31.55 fdkqmvlrvlerbest-photo-ever-taken-national-geographicthe-reel-foto--august-2012-aii4mcq2 DG_60183_04.tifMAORI_waterfalls_new NELS120792-TRIBES-MAORI-001 NELS120792-TRIBES-MAORI-003 NELS120792-TRIBES-MAORI-014tumblr_m3mygxXtha1qcjubko1_500 omo-22 omo-24 samburu-6 samburu-17mperu9- Sillustani - Titicaca Sister Steve McCurry . 1 Steve McCurry . 2 Steve McCurry . 3 Steve McCurry . 4 steve mccurry. 2 steve mccurry. 3 Girl praying at a Shia mosque, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2003, final book_iconic TIBET-10542 steve mccurry. 6 steve mccurry Tamarinde tumblr_m8gko421OD1rb3vyro1_1280TO2WDec13-LightMagic5 tumblr_ms6sayNEfx1s3tjdkwj;c1280 tumblr_mxp8sddLEU1s3tom2o1_1280 tumblr_muk9wfApxB1s3tom2o1_1280 tumblr_myvbq36cJU1swhgluo7_1280 tumblr_mz16e9Pmzb1s3tom2o1_1280 00446_06, Afghanistan, 08/1992, AFGHN-13691 tumblr_mzjy0ohzdz1s3tom2o1_1280 Viviane Sassen (2) Yang Yankang (41)

We Broke It


tumblr_nc5ggxjcDg1r4grm0o4_50014462138261_1d15fa079a_btumblr_myzd6evEMJ1rn12fjo1_1280tumblr_nbsmo18I1E1rret88o1_1280tumblr_nbqeu1jBHy1rret88o1_1280tumblr_nedxbiAuJd1qb5hqzo1_1280 010love24_05_2007_0294392001179958293_quentin_shihChoi-Xoo-Ang_web9CoffinSara Naomi Lewkowicztumblr_lgo2l0rzoi1qaqon9o1_500tumblr_lm922cSqWh1qf54neo1_500the_gentlewoman_01img006tumblr_l2b9ozCNAP1qa3zgwtumblr_lpbuqpLnmC1qa3zgwo1_1280tumblr_ltfgjfcUSc1qa3zgwo1_1280tumblr_muuqtpFm381qzjxv0o1_1280Wang Ningde (65)Wang Ningde (31)tumblr_l8t991tguw1qztpaeo1_400tumblr_n4dx4aQyAo1qarjnpo10_1280Niklas HoejlundWang Ningde (58)tumblr_lewc3lpwf31qbil4eo1_500