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To Happy Endings

As we say goodbye to 2015 and embark on a new year full of possibilities, it seemed like a cheeky play on the concept of a ‘posterior view’, to collage images portraying fashion’s current (and perhaps, timeless) fixation with a beautiful booty. It seems like many artists, pushing the boundaries between fashion and nude portraiture, are zooming in for the close up on the sweet, supple curvature of the ‘bottom’ line. For all of our readers who appreciate the lasting impression, left by the departure of a lovely derriere…here are just a few of the many, recent, editorial butt shots: showcasing gluteus maximus en mode. Enjoy!tumblr_nxi2ewsg1O1qzhjh2o1_1280tumblr_nzfft84XbP1u3gxuzo1_1280marlenkeller_jessica_08Jana-Oracle-Fox.29tumblr_nx94hd9y8z1rusndco1_1280tumblr_niliw36rGY1qav6mpo1_1280Maggie-Duran-by-Henrik-Purienne-for-Lui-Magazine-6lily-donaldson-by-sean-seng-for-032c-magazine-winter-2015-2016-23tumblr_nnkovhou7H1qdmzdbo1_1280tumblr_nsu9uwj25x1uy7aoko1_1280tumblr_nrnksfJTkH1uy7aoko1_1280tumblr_nwmb5nzDQa1qgxas2o1_1280hermosa_criatura_editorial_moda_vogue_espana_junio_2015_751853257_800xfor-love-and-lemons-skivviesimageV401029Anastasia-Krivosheeva-by-Henrik-Purienne-for-For-Love-And-Lemons-8Anastasia-Krivosheeva-by-Henrik-Purienne-for-For-Love-And-Lemons-5tumblr_nsd1xc0Ctm1qbcdomo1_1280tumblr_nwidxbPYEc1qgxas2o1_1280DontMindIfIDo-pg10tumblr_nkz0n58vHN1sdepr7o1_128010580661_817098688330105_3361825913542536735_otumblr_nxj19jV78P1qecwgro1_1280tumblr_ntvc024tYi1r7a74co1_1280tumblr_nrg24vXdyo1qe9n3bo1_1280emily-didonato_2015-07-07_gilles-bensimon-photoshoot-for-maxim-us_1Madame Figaro - Vendredi 13 et Samedi 14 Juin 2014 (dragged) 11tumblr_nueb7rWT8Y1qecwgro1_1280sonya-gorelova-vogue-spain-3Candice-Swanepoel-Lui-Magazine-2015-SOSnation.com_1427773867231tumblr_nw5ku2ZIMa1qe9n3bo1_1280tumblr_nuhpo55h2H1qe9n3bo2_1280tumblr_nvudw7SF021qe9n3bo3_1280PURIENNE10_900x600tumblr_o03pwrtItG1qecwgro1_1280tumblr_nvuf37KBLi1qe9n3bo1_1280tumblr_nvuechj27o1qe9n3bo1_1280tumblr_nuiccdY8Hj1qe9n3bo1_1280Sophie-Applegarth-Alterior-Motif-Amanda-Shadforth-Oracle-Fox.23minimaleanimaleresort2012campaignnsfw8poses.modatumblr_nvud7zB9vO1qe9n3bo1_1280tumblr_ny1gi7NEHR1s490dao1_1280tumblr_niw6lrJmHL1u44nzfo6_1280zulu-+-zephyr-spring-15-photographed-by-henrik-purienne-26tumblr_nb91bc8ByI1qav6sko1_1280Blake_Lively_Met_Ball_2014_Gucci_Première_Ryan_Reynolds_Touchy_Feely_Cops_A_Feel_Met_Gala_2014_Blake_Ryan_CoupleFireShot Screen Capture #031 - 'Anna by Jessica Wertheim for C-Heads - C-Heads Mag_' - www_c-heads_com_2015_11_26_anna-by-jessica-wertheim-for-c-headstumblr_nvh5niOUKm1qe9n3bo1_1280tumblr_nvh6z4ZmQU1qe9n3bo1_1280tumblr_nv04smgS2j1qe9n3bo1_1280tumblr_nxmcf7LSJA1s490dao1_1280tumblr_ny1gew7obX1s490dao1_1280Cailin_Russo-Henrik_Purienne-01-oiotumblr_nprmbzkrOD1rqjuogo1_1280maryna-linchuk-by-david-bellemere-for-vogue-spain-may-2014-2hermosa_criatura_editorial_moda_vogue_espana_junio_2015_35827846_800xtumblr_nxiydbZcCv1qecwgro1_1280tumblr_nzfl2aIr8X1qecwgro1_1280Z7A99281-768x1024tumblr_nsv4r634w81qe9n3bo1_128026a00e54ef96453883401b7c7a48c02970b-800wi6a00e54ef96453883401bb08489e67970d-800wi6a00e54ef96453883401bb08489eab970d-800witumblr_nmprlsQFPQ1qg8fqfo1_1280

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Body Architecture’ Part 1 | A Personal Project By Anna Daki | Exclusively Premiered By Satiety Paper | The Spring Fling 2015

'Body Architecture' Part 1 . A Personal Project By Anna Daki . Exclusively Premiered By Satiety Paper #4 . The Spring Fling 2015. 1

Artist Interview

1. Can you describe yourself for us in 5 words?

Patient, Open, Reticent , Thoughtful, Honest

2. Can you remember the first time you picked up a camera? Your first subject?

My first subject was my old friend from school; in 2007. She was a beautiful woman, and I wanted to show her how I experienced her beauty.

3. What made you choose photography? Or did it choose you?!

I don’t know who choose whom. I believe that it was just a life coincidence, a good coincidence. I studied architecture originally, but after a few years I realized it wasn’t my life’s mission. Then I decided to give my beloved hobby a try, and explore whether or not it might be the right direction for my life. To be honest, I never thought this career would develop so quickly.

4. Are you drawn to a particular style of photography, as a connoisseur? Are there specific artists that inspire your style?

There are a few photographers who are my absolute inspirations like Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, Peter Lindberg, Paolo Roversi. I’d say I have a classical style of photography, but I’m open to experiencing new techniques.

5. Do you prefer shooting with models or with friends? And when you do shoot models…favorite agencies to work with, or specific subjects?

I never have restrictions to a model or not; if I a see a beautiful person (who may be a friend, an acquaintance or a professional) I would just ask to take an image of him/her. Job-wise: of course I work more often with professional models, but also many actresses, bloggers and other civilians.The agencies that I work with most are: M4, 2PM, Core, Izaio, Spin and a lot of independent scouters.

6. Also: is it easier to shoot men or women? Why?!

For me, there is zero difference (in the sex of the model); if its man or a woman. It’s about the beautiful human being.

7. Where do we find you living these days?

I live in the city of Berlin! Of course, I travel a lot and working in many different places, in different countries, around the world. Mostly I am in Berlin.

8. Favorite environment to work in…Studio or on location?

My studio gives me a great feeling of control, power and security; and sometimes for the model, it is easier to open up in the studio. Of course, I also love location shootings. Even if I’m on a vacation, if I spot an amazing setting, I go crazy to try and find a model for a few shots.

9. Do you have an intuitive way to identify a location for your shoots? When you see it, does it just feels right to you? Or are there different planning/ selection steps


I think every photographer or creative mind has this intuition. You just see it and it’s like: “Damn, so here it shall be!”. But it doesn’t always work out. I check the lighting and then I do some test shots, so I can see if the images that are produced, match the vision that I’ve imagined.

10. Do you love the control of diverse lighting set ups, or do you prefer working with natural light?

I love the control of creating in my studio, yes. But there is nothing in this world as beautiful as the magical light of a natural sunset. There is no artificial light arrangement that can simulate that!

11. As a very successful photographer already…What’s “the dream” Anna?

First, thank you for asking me this question. I don’t think I’m of myself as being a ‘successful’ photographer yet; but I will assert that I am on my way there! My dream is to have no walls inhibiting me from unlimited creation: no model or celebrity that I  wouldn’t be able to work with. That fantasy would include the greatest clients in the world, and being appreciated by the worlds most creative minds.

12. Finally, on a personal note, tell us your favorite things: vacationing spot, type of music, a splurge, a designer you love, and or your drink of choice (if you have one)?!

Vacation: Somewhere very very warm; with a beautiful beach!

Splurge: Shoes

Music: Madonna, Depeshe Mode, Trentemoller

Designer: Jil Sander

Drink: Black Coffee, NO milk!


See the entire stunning project HERE at Satiety Paper

It’s Time To Kick Ass Or Chew Gum Kid


HighwaytoHellcatherine-mcneil-by-claudia-knoepfel-stefan-indlekofer-for-vogue-paris-august-2013-4pier-59-studios-jessica-hart-cosmopolitan-beauty-5IMG_9984tumblr_mpodmmE6Iz1qalu9no1_1280IMG_5565tumblr_mokgy14oBp1qf3u6jo1_1280 tumblr_mjdrtuyTuC1rqq8hto1_1280 soojoo_4 soojoo_8 e9ec9bb2a2a411e2b4f022000a1f9ac6_7 annab3-1 img_3667tumblr_mjdwiiDPzt1r8o3vyo1_1280 IMG_9979 IMG_9976a56annab6 img_7064tumblr_moymtaMseW1qa42jro1_1280img_4246img_7065tumblr_mp62iuhOQc1qa42jro1_1280 tumblr_me7fqaCuFF1qgvybqo1_1280fail_03music-philosophy12-550x799VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00086tumblr_mnyd1rOT3O1rba6yto1_r1_1280 img_2842 img_2840 amanda noorgaard 93590013 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00109 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00088VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00156 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00176 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00112Kruger-God-sends-the-meat AMY WILSON bimg0689soojoo_1 tumblr_mp0a8juJZd1qio0yao1_1280 soojoo_5 6a00e54ef964538834019101e57082970c-800wi catherine-mcneil-0243 tumblr_m1v3ch3i931qargt4o1_1280 tumblr_mmxoicv8hh1qb88xqo1_1280 music-philosophy15 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00132 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00036 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00126 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00121 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00049 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00065 tumblr_mo27mvnwde1rba6yto1_1280 IMG_9350 atlanta-de-cadenet peaches geldolf 93570016 Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHtumblr_lnt73lzJrA1qluzk9 tumblr_mpdbaiyCds1qa42jro1_1280 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00015 tumblr_m7yns3DIK11qzyukno1_500 3521001735200008tumblr_mlm3bwLhGx1r7a74co1_1280 538fed958131dogma threatens libertytumblr_mlxuxtR7Nu1r1j1nco1_500 IMG_2404 IMG_2411KyleAlexanderDesertRoadTrip-016 KyleAlexanderDesertRoadTrip-020tumblr_mptxj10pou1qa42jro1_1280img_3672737478_10151311997482020_805803856_oBradElterman_DoraYoder_37870034 brad_1500_0_resize_90 VIKTOR VAUTHIER_009 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00054 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00074 35230016sc005288d7 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00035 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-14 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-12 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-5 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-7a36 a47 IMG_8872IMG_9307 IMG_1025 IMG_0204 IMG_1666IMG_1775IMG_1241IMG_0620 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 001 153logi CNV00024 Jordan MoritaFireShot Screen Capture #134 - 'All sizes I tumblr_lvo5ii0Qqc1qbiigxo1_1280 I Flickr - Photo Sharing!' - www_flickr_com_photos_georgelazenby_6476078765_sizes_l_in_photostreamIMG_8471 IMG_8453 IMG_1577 IMG_0283 IMG_0239 1337256000000.cached med_03_rb3000007-jpgIMG_0415 IMG_2415 IMG_1454 IMG_1469

‘Naked Truth’ | Julia Stegner, Katrin Thormann, Toni Garrn And Others By Peter Lindbergh For Vogue Germany | June 2012


Estella Warren By Steve Shaw For Treats! Magazine #3 | Summer 2012

‘Full Frontal’ | Emily Ratajkowski By Steve Shaw For Treats Magazine #3 | May 2012


Izabel Goulart By Nico For Harper’s Bazaar Espana | April 2012

The Body Issue | (Nudity)

However you are…there is nothing wrong with the way you are. You are perfect, as is. this one’s for everyone. Enjoy!

Bodies And Water (Warning: Full Nudity)

Models: Elsa Pataky, Ariadne Artiles, Monica Cruz

Edita Vilkeviciute Frolics Nude In A Field Of Flowers For Industrie Magazine


Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

Photographer:  Camilla Akrans

Magazine: Industrie

Styling: Franck Benhamou