SNEAK PEAK: ‘Old Memories’ | Evelyn Moraes By Henrique Falci For Satiety Paper #1 | The Summer Session 2014

'Old Memories' . Evelyn Morales By Henrique Falci For Satiety Paper #1. The Summer Session 2014. Cover. 8Our latest editorial features photography by new wave artist Henrique Falci. Hailing from Brazil, Henrique creates a nostalgic and romantic portraiture of lanky stunner Evelyn Moraes (Mega Models); who manages to transmit both innocence and intrigue in this short, but oh so sweet fashion story. Satiety Paper is very excited to break these two climbing talents to our readership for issue #1; with the hopes that we can endorse and follow their careers long on into the future. Their brilliant collaboration was punctuated by subtle beauty touches, contributed  by artist Cacá Grandinetti, who comes with her own proven track record of  creating a magical palette…which she certainly succeeded at here. Perfectly pretty meets a dynamic depth in these images. Come view the entire series of beautiful images from this story and others, over at Satiety Paper. Enjoy!