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A Long Day’s Labor | Bee, Chloe, Sam By Jedd Cooney | Spring 2017



Photographer: Jedd Cooney
Stylist: Nicki Cobran
Beauty: Lei Tai @ Viviens Creative
Models: Bee, Chloe, Sam @ Jaz Daly

‘Naked Truth’ | Julia Stegner, Katrin Thormann, Toni Garrn And Others By Peter Lindbergh For Vogue Germany | June 2012


Botany In Action

This morning I found you before the rain,
Before a shower, before makeup and hairspray,
Before you made your breath like mint,
Before morning prayer, soap, earrings, and perfume,
Before hot water, breakfast and a cigarette, when
You were six brown leaves dancing in the wind
This morning I found you before the phone rang,
Before the first bill was paid, before your impatiens woke to thirst,
Before you cleaned rough white crystals of sleep from the corner of your eye,
Before you took any medicine, before you looked in any mirror,
Before your life began to need you, when
You were smooth stones at the bottom of a cold, fast-moving stream
This morning I found you before you touched the powdered wing of your own early beauty
With an attempt to be beautiful.
Your hair a million unmapped directions, a survey of the wildness of sleep,
Your body rising, falling with your breath, before you dressed in different rhythm.
This morning I found you when you were botany in action,
Partly bud and partly bloom, scarlet flower drinking air and light.
Author: Christopher Joslyn

Autum And Eve

Model: Jessica Brown Findlay

Magazine: InStyle, October, 2010, (10-2010), United Kingdom
Photographers: Paul McLean, Chad Pickard

Intimate Vignettes With Tiiu Kuik (Warning: Full Nudes)

Photos by Daemian Smith & Christine Suarez 

All The Young Nudes Ryan McGinley

This spread is an excerpt from ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’. It was created by Team Gallery, in NYC March 18–April 17. Dashwood Books published  a limited-edition monograph of the series in conjunction with the exhibition. It was released March 18 (2010)

Earth Angel

Christy Turlington is one of the most successful supermodels of all time…and for obvious reasons.  The purity of her beauty is disarming. She manages to ooze womanly sensuality while never betraying her own classic virtue. The simplicity of this image embodies my perception of her energy. I hope you enjoy it!

I Ride The Wind

Source: Studded Hearts

My Famous Face

W Magazine

The Things We Lost In The Fire

I would like to start by saying that in my opinion, this model in unhealthily thin. I strive to stay away from images of jetting hip and collar bones on my blog because I personally believe that eating disorders are epidemic in our society; and fueled by unrealistic standards of beauty/body image represented through out the fashion industry (and media in general). I don’t think that a waif-like model was necessary for this shoot, or that it enhances the tone of the photography. That said, I also want to recognize that a small percent of the population is naturally quite thin, but healthy the way that they are, and I would never mean to assert that they shouldn’t be allowed to do these jobs or pursue their calling because of the way they look (just as no plus sized model should be told that). I love the artistic vision of the photographer in this shoot and the mood of the imagery. It reflects my own personal aesthetic. I hope that you can appreciate it as beautiful art, as I do. Enjoy!
Magazine: Flair – May 2009 (5-2009) Italy
Model: Kendra Spears
Photographer: Chad Pitman