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“One Size Fits All”

Magazine: V MAGAZINE, January, 2010
Models: Crystal Renn, Jacquelyn Jablonski
Stylist: Mel Ottenberg
Photography: Terry Richardson

Ok so, I don’t LOOOOOOOOOVE everything that Terry Richardson shoots…but in this case, I could not agree more!!! Two gorgeous women of very different shapes and sizes, both looking smashing in this series of bold outfits, is the perfect way to bridge the gap between the industry and it’s customers. I like the idea of marketing being based on making every woman feel beautiful and unique; rather than making every woman who doesn’t fit the model cookie cutter feel disgusting, and in need of expensive crap to cover up.  I understand the tactic that “consumers” need something to aspire to or they won’t buy buy buy. But couldn’t we still indulge in fashion because it celebrates our bodies and our personalities rather than making up for them? I think we could. That is to say, I think that we ALL could… As I personally already feel blessed to be me. Great fitting, feeling, looking cloths are a joy and a treat…but really nothing more that spice, condiments, garnish… Take it all away and I bet ya, both this babes look stunning naked. Just sayin’… 😉

Bodies By Numbers (18+ NSFW)

tumblr_mqirhepwEs1qz7lxdo1_500m-eugenie-01m-cathy-02Jock Sturges09The Libertine Magazine. Jennie Runk . 2012.28011124599_e3957fdd62_h cameron_1500_0_resize_908011140685_e66355355e_h Cameron Davis_1500_0_resize_90Sea Bluesalina-aliluykina-la-by-damon-lobletumblr_m407eiymEj1qe0bgeo1_500000019170015_1500_0_resize_90 Nettie_Tim_Bruening_06_1500_0_resize_90 Nettie_Tim_Bruening_08_1500_0_resize_90BradElterman_DoraYoder_37860023 brad_1500_0_resize_90BradElterman_ChelseaSchuchman_1070891 Brad_1500_0_resize_90BradElterman_DoraYoder_1000063 brad_1500_0_resize_90BradElterman_DoraYoder_1000041 brad_1500_0_resize_90BradElterman_DoraYoder_1000021 brad_1500_0_resize_90BradElterman_DoraYoder_37860036 brad_1500_0_resize_90tumblr_mpo32oRfnB1rxg5udo1_1280 tumblr_mpo34z0TCm1rxg5udo1_1280 tumblr_mr0ixgGI621r0na0so1_1280tumblr_mqqpk2rakE1r0na0so1_r1_1280tumblr_mqr2pss9PX1r0na0so1_1280Joyuan. The untitled projectlabyrinthjimhenson2Mona. The untitled project0006-115_lovelostmedi21Cisco By Damien B L. For Vogue Paris . April 2013tumblr_mjb4dwZrSd1ruevaro1_1280Crystal Renn, Camilla Hansen, Kristyna Misovcova, Lizzie Miller, Denise Bidot, and Anna AdamsMyla Dalbesio by  Tung Walsh.2Myla Dalbesio by  Tung Walsh.4geisha_story_c_michel_comte_www.lumas_.de__0Screen-Shot-2013-07-02-at-14.45.26helmut_newton_6151bfbbe194b89bottomsgl_52051134-6568-4888-be7d-58bb0aa613db 8elinor2 emerging_artist_1emerging_artist_2life-is-a-miracleH PUTZ M10IMG_IULIIADANKO_NF-9 resized_1500_0_resize_90saoj'fi[q9i4grpo_mg_0170 chris_1500_0_resize_90 24_assa-by-paul-barbera32 24_assa-by-paul-barbera30Michel-Comte-Tatjana-Patitz.7Michel-Comte-Tatjana-Patitz.7Michel-Comte-Tatjana-Patitz.8tumblr_mjhmh85anE1r280xco1_128022_assa-by-paul-barbera4822_assa-by-paul-barbera47 1314_lovelostmedi12nhelmut_newton_750022Bjst 13 Mayson edie_1500_0_resize_90 5-400x603 4 3382925781995_eyesFURFUR_DD (11 of 60)_1500_0_resize_90FURFUR_DD (12 of 60)_1500_0_resize_90 FURFUR_DD (52 of 60)_1500_0_resize_90 NPG x87610; Kirsti Toscani; Oliviero Toscani by John Swannell tumblr_mpb8894DO31qgha6wo1_1280 8011140685_e66355355e_h Cameron Davis_1500_0_resize_90 anne hathaway 67905906851161548_ei1DHipT_c Myla Dalbesio by  Tung Walsh.1Myla Dalbesio by  Tung Walsh.tumblr_mq9cxi75lM1qj1gglo1_1280 ©-Oliviero-Toscani-DonnaAllattaelinor7 xfenn12.jpg,qw=580.pagespeed.ic.sDkeCm_fLX0_3c07c_a89a98f_XL UntitledVIKTOR VAUTHIER 00026 tumblr_mo3793DaGY1qz6f9yo1_r1_1280tumblr_kup51bTuem1qzr53ctumblr_mokmy9917Z1s4nwaro1_1280 PRISKORN.COMtumblr_mpgwoooHkY1r04h2no1_1280 tumblr_mjc5ky8o7a1qb88xqo1_1280BarbaraKruger-Your-body-is-a-battleground-1989 tumblr_m9qfyhR6DL1qzyf3ao1_1280PRISKORN.COM tumblr_m9p5hdkJwh1qbvfaho1_1280 tumblr_m9nggcszKN1r3qg3po1_1280 tumblr_m6rd8d3zA71qzuyt6o1_12801044955_10151512805853061_825156553_n Trish by Darren Ankenman-51580011_1500_0_resize_90 Tracy and David_3_1500_0_resize_90tumblr_mqeg3ksJJz1qz7lxdo1_1280 hires_739962_D_D_29_03_2010_06_037_cw_inprPKTZN20120111150636bd9KARLEY SCIORTINO BY STACEY MARK, therapist's office, New York Photo Stacey MarkKARLEY SCIORTINO BY STACEY MARK, therapist's office, New York Photo Stacey Mark .2249694_565248400786_27500840_32193268_4961996_n957InterReal035 Myla Dalbesio by  Tung Walsh.3 By Tung Walsh Starring Myla Dalbesiotumblr_mpwh5cf7E61qhotaio1_1280

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 Joseph Tran

It’s Time To Kick Ass Or Chew Gum Kid


HighwaytoHellcatherine-mcneil-by-claudia-knoepfel-stefan-indlekofer-for-vogue-paris-august-2013-4pier-59-studios-jessica-hart-cosmopolitan-beauty-5IMG_9984tumblr_mpodmmE6Iz1qalu9no1_1280IMG_5565tumblr_mokgy14oBp1qf3u6jo1_1280 tumblr_mjdrtuyTuC1rqq8hto1_1280 soojoo_4 soojoo_8 e9ec9bb2a2a411e2b4f022000a1f9ac6_7 annab3-1 img_3667tumblr_mjdwiiDPzt1r8o3vyo1_1280 IMG_9979 IMG_9976a56annab6 img_7064tumblr_moymtaMseW1qa42jro1_1280img_4246img_7065tumblr_mp62iuhOQc1qa42jro1_1280 tumblr_me7fqaCuFF1qgvybqo1_1280fail_03music-philosophy12-550x799VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00086tumblr_mnyd1rOT3O1rba6yto1_r1_1280 img_2842 img_2840 amanda noorgaard 93590013 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00109 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00088VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00156 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00176 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00112Kruger-God-sends-the-meat AMY WILSON bimg0689soojoo_1 tumblr_mp0a8juJZd1qio0yao1_1280 soojoo_5 6a00e54ef964538834019101e57082970c-800wi catherine-mcneil-0243 tumblr_m1v3ch3i931qargt4o1_1280 tumblr_mmxoicv8hh1qb88xqo1_1280 music-philosophy15 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00132 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00036 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00126 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00121 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00049 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00065 tumblr_mo27mvnwde1rba6yto1_1280 IMG_9350 atlanta-de-cadenet peaches geldolf 93570016 Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHtumblr_lnt73lzJrA1qluzk9 tumblr_mpdbaiyCds1qa42jro1_1280 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00015 tumblr_m7yns3DIK11qzyukno1_500 3521001735200008tumblr_mlm3bwLhGx1r7a74co1_1280 538fed958131dogma threatens libertytumblr_mlxuxtR7Nu1r1j1nco1_500 IMG_2404 IMG_2411KyleAlexanderDesertRoadTrip-016 KyleAlexanderDesertRoadTrip-020tumblr_mptxj10pou1qa42jro1_1280img_3672737478_10151311997482020_805803856_oBradElterman_DoraYoder_37870034 brad_1500_0_resize_90 VIKTOR VAUTHIER_009 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00054 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00074 35230016sc005288d7 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 00035 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-14 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-12 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-5 VIKTOR VAUTHIER SUMMER-LOOKBOOK-7a36 a47 IMG_8872IMG_9307 IMG_1025 IMG_0204 IMG_1666IMG_1775IMG_1241IMG_0620 VIKTOR VAUTHIER 001 153logi CNV00024 Jordan MoritaFireShot Screen Capture #134 - 'All sizes I tumblr_lvo5ii0Qqc1qbiigxo1_1280 I Flickr - Photo Sharing!' - www_flickr_com_photos_georgelazenby_6476078765_sizes_l_in_photostreamIMG_8471 IMG_8453 IMG_1577 IMG_0283 IMG_0239 1337256000000.cached med_03_rb3000007-jpgIMG_0415 IMG_2415 IMG_1454 IMG_1469

‘Best Of The Season Topless’ | Ali Michael, Stella Maxwell, Bo Don, Sara Sampaio, Nastassia Lindes And Others By Terry Richardson For Purple Magazine | Autumn 2012


See the full editorial HERE

Complete Model List: Agatha Moteira, Emily Van Raay, Soubela, Ali Michael, Melinda Radar, Anna Hadson, Iggy, Ashika Peatt, Hannah, Stella Maxwell, Bo Don, Lauren< Charlie Paulle, Clara Sttje, Samantha, Deborah P, France Phillips, Kaya Wilkins, Kristel, Laura Schuller, Nadya Pahcenko, Kate Driscoll, Heather Hausman, Sara Sampaio, Jade Mcsoley, Tessa Vander, Zazoe Van Laeshour, Jordan, Neelia Moore, Stephanie Cam, Lindes
Photographer: Terry Richardson
Stylist: Caroline Gaimari

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Love Is A Drug And Everyone’s A Junkie